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Liz Earle Perfume

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Deathraystare Thu 11-May-17 18:42:22

Looked on QVC - only 2 of the perfumes shown. I do hope the others are not discontinued!

bunnybleu Thu 11-May-17 18:45:58

They have No.15 and No. 20 in the surprise sale on the LE website today (at least, they did earlier today!)

Deathraystare Fri 12-May-17 08:10:00

Oh great thanks!

I love the no 15 (a bit pomegranate Noir but longer lasting , and the citrussy one.

CointreauVersial Fri 12-May-17 13:23:30

Boots in Crawley had a huge Liz Earle stand with all the perfumes (about five or six of them) - assume other big Boots have similar.

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