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How are straight leg jeans supposed to sit?

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ilovecherries Sun 30-Apr-17 09:37:32

The last time I wore jeans a lot was about 15 years ago, and it was all about the boot cut, but I've just emerged from many years of leggings and wanted proper jeans again. I've tried skinnies but I just don't love them on me and I have a lot of surgical scars on one leg, and the tight/heavier duty fabric really irritates them. Jeggings do the same. I did have one pair I loved, but they were so well worn and washed they'd become as soft as leggings. They met an unfortunate end with a bottle of bleach so I'm on a jeans hunt. Given I don't want to go down the boot cut route again, I've been trying on straight leg, but they seems massive on the thighs, and just a bit baggier than I expected. There seems a lot of fabric, somehow. Is this how they are meant to sit and it just feels odd after leggings? I couldn't go smaller round the waist or hips, but they seem to make my thighs look a bit jodhpur-ey with extra fabric. Do you have to be very slim for straight leg? Also (have I shrunk?!?), at 5 foot 7 they all seem very long. Should I roll them up or take them to a dressmaker to have them properly shortened or simply hack the bottom two inches off (they aren't otherwise distressed)?

Floisme Sun 30-Apr-17 12:15:32

Ha! I was pondering this only a couple of weeks ago when I dragged some old Gap 'straight legs' out of the cupboard, only to realise they'd be regarded as 'wide leg' today. I've just googled current Gap straight legs and they look just like skinnies did about 10 years ago. In fact I recently reverted to some old skinnies (Next) because they're so much more relaxed in the leg. They're also exactly the same shape as some H&M girlfriends I bought last year....

Sorry if I've lost everyone. grin

That said, for me, straight leg means that they shouldn't cling to the thigh but shouldn't flap either. They'll definitely feel looser after leggings but if they look jodphur-ish, I'd step away and keep trying different brands but also different shapes: boyfriends, girlfriends etc etc cos all the names are pretty meaningless really, and designed to make us think they're something new when they're not.

Regarding length, I just chop an inch or so off and then roll up. It looks current at the moment but I do it anyway as I'm a lazy arse - and exhausted after all that trying on.

ilovecherries Sun 30-Apr-17 13:11:24

Yes, trying jeans on IS bloody exhausting. I was knackered the other day after dragging a dozen pairs off and on!

AWholeLottaRosie Sun 30-Apr-17 14:07:49

I've recently bought straight leg in M&S and they are definitely straight and not bootcut or skinny. They're pretty close fitting on my thigh so no excess fabric and they don't have the stretch of skinnies. I have tried other brands that are very jodhpur- like so it is as Flo has said, just keep trying (then buy two or three identical pairs when you do find the Holy Grail).

Floisme Sun 30-Apr-17 14:11:34

Also, if you don't mind second hand, I've recently bought another pair of Next skinnies from a charity shop for £2.99. I would say they date from between 5 and 10 years ago.They're narrow in the leg but not skin tight and no flapping. One person's already asked where I got them as they were just what she was looking for. You do have to watch out for low waistlines though.

Leviticus Sun 30-Apr-17 14:17:21

I'd say fitted but not tight. I usually roll mine up slightly.

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