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How do I learn to dress my body shape

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Groovee Sun 30-Apr-17 09:27:03

I used to be an apple. Have lost 2st 12lbs and now have an hour glass figure. I was hiding behind baggy stuff and now have no clue how to dress myself. I tried on some things in matalan yesterday and felt so frumpy.

rookiemere Sun 30-Apr-17 09:31:39

Well done on your weight loss.
I had my colours and shape analysis done a few years ago. Must admit I haven't followed the colours bit, but the shape analysis is very useful. I'd recommend investing in this book to give you an idea of what would suit your frame.

In summary for an hour glass it's about accentuating the positive through cinched waists, v-cut tops and not wearing baggy clothes. Can't say I follow it all the time, but when I do I get compliments and people ask me if I've lost weight so it does work.

OnceMoreIntoTheBleach Sun 30-Apr-17 09:37:07

Well done! Can I ask how you did it? I'm an apple and want to loose my middle but keep the rest grinconfused

Foldedtshirt Sun 30-Apr-17 09:42:20

I'd love to know more about this- I can literally vary 2 stone/ 20 years and have NO IDEA why! 😤

Groovee Sun 30-Apr-17 09:54:30

I started on MyFitnessPal but am now doing Slimming World as I love my food and hate being restricted.

@rookiemere thank you for the link, will read through it xx

rookiemere Sun 30-Apr-17 14:04:27

Some more thoughts that I've now remembered or have occurred to me. Some shops are better at clothes for hourglass shapes - Phase Eight dresses are generally good as are some Boden wrap dresses, Sainsbury's sometimes has really good things in .

Other shops definitely cater for different shape types - Mint Velvet for example seems to specialise in drapey tops which - whilst good for hiding middle aged spread - also hide a waist and for hour glass sizes tend to make one look bigger rather than smaller.

Also better to have good quality light fabrics, rather than heavy boxy ones - due to my advanced age I try to get natural fibres e.g. cotton or linen. I tend to buy quite a lot of my clothes from charity shops as the brands that work for me as above can be expensive.

I tend to wear mostly dresses to work as the proportions work a lot better than separates for me. At the weekend I wear mostly skinny jeans with a not too baggy top and either boots or ballet pumps. One of the tips is to avoid too much bulk at the waist so side zipped trousers or jeggings are good.

Also as fashions change, some seasons are good for clothes that suit and others aren't. At the moment in the shops it appears to be some sort of gruesome fixation with high necks and weird looking sleeves - neither of these are your friend as an hourglass.

You'd think I was some sort of style guru from this - I can assure you I am not ! Occasionally I buy the wrong thing - like a jumper in a gorgeous blue from Boden, but as it's baggy it totally swamps me, it's just about tolerable with skinny jeans.

BurningViolin Sun 30-Apr-17 15:45:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RedMetamorphosis Sun 30-Apr-17 15:51:12

I'm a tall hourglass with a short waist so need to balance this out with slightly longer tops etc. The problem with hourglass is that you can either look very sexy or very frumpy, with a very fine line in between!

I've lost 10kg and just starting to work out what suits my smaller frame. I find Warehouse suits my shape, some of the Spanish brands not so much.

I realised that I look good in pencil skirts, so have started trying to find some non-work pencil skirts for casual wear and tucking shirts in. I have a great denim pencil skirt from Glamorous that is very flattering. Tea dresses are also a good shape - ASOS has a few at the moment and great for transitioning into slightly warmer weather (hopefully!)

I'm also a big advocate of jackets for hourglass - either short cut ones that stop at your waist or blazers - River Island has a gorgeous one in lots of different colours which is flattering for hourglass.

The biggest shift is going to be in ordering the right size and getting used to wearing more fitted clothes. By default, I'm picking up a 12-14 rather than the 10-12 that I am now.

I also agree with rookie - take your time to find what suits you. Try on things that you wouldn't normally look at in shops that you might not normally go into. Don't feel like you have to go and buy everything now!

imjessie Sun 30-Apr-17 16:09:59

Are you sure you were an apple and now you an hour glass ? I've never known anyone change their body shape like that before ? Usually apples have really small bums and when they lose weight they just get super slim? Hourglass usually have a fuller/ bigger bum .. Not a criticism but if you aren't or weren't either that's where you may be going wrong ..

RedMetamorphosis Sun 30-Apr-17 16:28:35

I have the flattest bum in the world (despite squats!) jessie and my measurements seem to show that I'm an hourglass - 39-28-39. Because of my short waist, I have high hips/violin hips but then long, slim limbs - any weight I gain goes onto my pot belly, making me look more like an apple at a heavier weight

I wonder if OP is the same. Working out body shape is so difficult!

Groovee Sun 30-Apr-17 20:50:57

I'm only 5ft so having been over 16st I was very like a weeble. I definitely have gone hour glass shape. Because I'm only part way through losing weight, I'm reluctant to keep forking out for bravissimo bras when I'm finding I need to replace every 4-5 weeks as my inches go down as well as the cost.

I'm definitely hour glass now. I was in my mind a weeble and a friend said I was apple shaped before. My waist had lost 5 inches at my last check and it's gone in more. Not due to measure again until next week as I do it every 6 weeks.

I just don't like anything in the shops. I feel like a sack of spuds in most things just now. But I'm taking photos and seeing a huge difference in my shape. Trying to edit out some with my face on so I can share.

imjessie Sun 30-Apr-17 21:42:59

Sounds like you were just an overweight hourglass before rather than an apple . I'm hourglass And it will go to my tummy eventually and I look weeble like because I'm also 5 ft . .. you need to find fitted clothes ( may seem obvious ) not a lot of clothes are fitted to a waist though in my experience because a lot of women don't have a much smaller waist ( if you look around town for example you won't see many jlo figures ) . I'm afraid I don't have the answers for clothes as no one shop works . I just have to look around and try everything on to see what works and suits .

SansaClegane Sun 30-Apr-17 22:08:01

I honestly didn't think you could change shape... I used to be a lot heavier than now (like 55lbs heavier), but I was still an hourglass shape while fat, as I put on the weight proportionally.
I'm very similar to Red now at 38-27-38 and about a size 10; I think she's given all the right tips on how to dress!

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