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Mega Bank Holiday Health Kick. Join Me?

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barefoofdoctor Sat 29-Apr-17 06:10:50

Not keen on bank holidays as they make me lonely and it always seems everyone is having so much more fun than I am so determined to make a virtue of this by having a bit of a health kick this weekend (then I will feel smug come Tuesday when everyone else is hungover/skint).
I need to shed a few lbs of chub and generally improve my sleep deprived run down self. Keep getting derailed by caffeine/sugar and extreme exhaustion (DD3 not keen on sleep never has been so 3 years of sleep deprivation). Am determined that by Tuesday morning I will feel a bit better and have a less bloated belly etc.
Without support/writing down these intentions the weekend will turn into a sugar fuelled waste of an opportunity (eyes up DDs remaining Easter chocolate). I aim to cut out all sweet stuff and alcohol, 2 healthy meals a day (I can't do breakfast it just makes me ravenous for the rest of the day). At least an hours exercise a day, (arm weights/hoola hooping in front of the telly when DD goes to bed), a walk everyday and minimal car usage, do some foot maintenance and face and hair mask type things every day too. And spend as little cash as possible. Anyone fancy joining me?

Doseydots Sat 29-Apr-17 06:34:06

Morning, barefoot, I will join you, I need definitely need it.. My stomach needs a rest from all the crap that's going in there at the moment. Our house is full of chocolate too, I have packed it away into the kids bedrooms do that a Least I can't see, smell or lick it!

hahahaIdontgetit Sat 29-Apr-17 06:37:17

I'm in!
Although I do have sugar, I'm not having alcohol and focussing on healthy eating and exercise.
Just about to get up and walk the dogs, which is about 5,000 steps.

hahahaIdontgetit Sat 29-Apr-17 17:17:37

How's everyone getting on?

I've done 18,000 steps, homemade soup for lunch and a homemade curry for supper planned.

Face mask and eye thingies in the fridge to pop on whilst I watch dr who later. grin

Methenyouplus4 Sat 29-Apr-17 17:29:42

I will join you as of now after a day of rubbish. I can barely fit into my clothes so need a good couple of days 'boost' to set me on the right track. Going to have chicken and veggies for dinner later and have peppermint tea rather than coffee. I think tonight I'll scrub feet, file nails, etc and jog tomorrow. I can have an early night tonight so might aim for bed reading in bed by 9:30, lights out 10.

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