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Waist trainers?

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HateSummer Fri 28-Apr-17 10:25:08

Is it true that if you keep wearing one regularly it gets rid off back fat? Are they safe?

HateSummer Fri 28-Apr-17 11:32:37

Anyone use one? Apart from Kim kardashian? grin

HateSummer Fri 28-Apr-17 12:18:48

Thanks for your help.

UppityHumpty Fri 28-Apr-17 12:24:22

I have one. Just started. It's painful if you sit. But effects are instantaneous. But you do have to work out whilst in the trainer if you don't want your abs to go to shit. I currently go walking in mine for a bitz

HateSummer Fri 28-Apr-17 12:34:10

Thanks! So what kind of work out? Is walking enough or do you have to do anything special?

RiseandGrind Fri 28-Apr-17 13:27:34

If you want to change your ribcage permanently, you'd be better off using a proper steel boned corset. You have to wear them 22 hours a day for months if not years though. <grim>

Waist trainers remove water. They won't get rid of back fat. Only diet can do that (sadly).

If you wear the non-breathable ones while you exercise (sweat), when you take it off you'll have a noticable reduction but it will come back because it's only water. Looks good for a night out etc..

UppityHumpty Fri 28-Apr-17 13:29:46

Planks to start, been walking too, but I was told to run and Crunches t oo(for core) too as I'm better able to handle it.

statetrooperstacey Fri 28-Apr-17 15:02:59

What!! What is this of which you speak?! Can you put a link someone/ anyone, please?

KourtneyKardashian Fri 28-Apr-17 15:07:34

Also following. I've heard of them but didn't know if they were a myth!

UppityHumpty Fri 28-Apr-17 15:12:23

Cheaper on amazon though -that's where I got mine. Always, always get breathable they stink otherwise

olderthanyouthink Fri 28-Apr-17 15:38:55

Disclaimer: I have a corset not a waist trainer. It's stronger and is custom to me and I don't wear it, I can't be bothered to build up to wearing it all day, special occasions only i think. I've done loads of research on this.

They can't really make you permanently smaller.

There's the instant sucked in thing but your body will return to its normal shape once it's off.

They can kinda act like a gastric band as eating loads doesn't work well when your being squeezed.

Its really really hard to change your rib cage because you'd need a really strong corset and for it to be very tight/small and it takes years.

Also a problem it Victorians had was that if your wearing a tight corset a lot, your core muscles aren't holding you up any more and they weaken. You'd have to purposefully exercise these muscles to avoid it.

UppityHumpty Fri 28-Apr-17 15:50:43

Waist trainers are designed so you work out in them. They aren't corsets. You are supposed to be able to run/do crunches/planks when you've gotten used to them.

UppityHumpty Fri 28-Apr-17 15:51:39

Def helped my posture. And lower belly. Have seen a spot reduction of 3 inches in 3 months. I was losing weight already but not from my lower belly.

statetrooperstacey Fri 28-Apr-17 16:40:14

Thank you smile

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