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Who will be 'wearing' this trend Summer 17?

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chemicalCat Fri 28-Apr-17 09:32:34

I give you disco tits! Possibly NSFW.

LanaKanesLeftNippleTassle Fri 28-Apr-17 09:40:55

<peers round the door of S+B>

I actually really like it!

I shall have a go at that for Gay Pride or a festival I think!

<Runs away>

FauxFox Fri 28-Apr-17 09:45:21

It looks pretty but itchy.

AmethystRaven Fri 28-Apr-17 09:54:15

Fine if you've got lovely perky books like them, but no one needs to see my sparkly knockers swinging round!

ICJump Fri 28-Apr-17 09:58:40

Even at my youngest and thinnest my boobs would not have been able to dance with no bra.

CrowRoad Fri 28-Apr-17 10:17:14

A little bit of sweat and that'll all go sliding south, surely!

silkpyjamasallday Fri 28-Apr-17 11:27:24

I'd be up for it, could be persuaded try out the alien princess look at a mini fancy dress festival we are going to for a friends birthday, but as I am currently breastfeeding I don't think I will be trying it out anytime soon. All that glitter would be a choking hazard!

FluffyBathTowel Fri 28-Apr-17 11:59:08

It would take approx a year before you stopped finding little bits of glitter in random places.

I bet it will be big in Ibiza this year though

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