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Hair toner advise.

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MagliaRosa Thu 27-Apr-17 13:37:40

I've been colouring my hair for many many years and am really fed up with it. Been going grey since I was 21 and so now in my late 40's I've finally decided to try and ditch the dye.
I thought that semi-permanents were just that, semi, and so have been using those for a while thinking that if I stopped using them they'd just fade away. But from reading threads on here I now realise that they're pretty much permanent so that was a waste of time!
Back in December I used a semi with a purple tone (thinking it would wash out eventually). I've not coloured it since and so now my hair - which is just below shoulder level - has an inch or so of my natural dark brown/grey, then two inches or so of dark brown with a purple tinge and the rest is dark brown/black. So basically a mess!
I've tried head and shoulders and it's faded the purple a bit but not enough. I've been reading up on toners and was wondering if putting one on would help to even out the colour a little bit. I'm just a bit confused about the colour I should put on, if I used a blonde/yellowy one it should neutralise the purple but what would happen to the grey hairs?
Any advice?? What products should I be looking at getting? Thank you!

MagliaRosa Thu 27-Apr-17 13:56:32

Arghh - I meant to put advice in the title!

MagliaRosa Thu 27-Apr-17 19:42:22


limpit Thu 27-Apr-17 19:45:21

I know this is a bit of a useless answer but you don't need a toner - you need a good hairdresser. I mean that kindly. Go and get a colour consultation at least. Don't try and fix it at home, in the long run you're far better off going to a professional.

MagliaRosa Thu 27-Apr-17 20:43:48

Thanks Limpit, I will go to a hairdresser eventually but at the moment I haven't got the time or money so wanted something for the interim.

WomblingThree Thu 27-Apr-17 22:19:44

A toner won't do anything. Think of it as a colour corrector. It won't cover grey.

The best thing would be a direct deposit semi in a natural dark colour. This doesn't alter the structure of the hair, so it won't damage it.

Another thing to try might be henna as you have dark hair. I've never tried it, but a lot of people swear by it, and it's good for your hair.

Step away from the box dye!

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