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C-section belt/girdle recommendations

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ImYourWomanJonSnow Thu 27-Apr-17 09:54:44

Going for ELCS in three weeks time exactly. This is going to be second baby and this time I'm going to be prepared for containment of all the extra skin and flab and scar, it made me depressed indeed after the EMCS the first time round.

The choice of product is overwhelming, recommendations would be welcome. In the past I had a velcro girdle but it was too stiff and itchy so I could only wear it for a few hours before I got fed up. I also had a basic elastic belt thing which did exactly nothing to hold me in. Ideally I would like something comfortable that won't look like I have a saddle under my clothes and that will actually do the job of holding my skin and inner organs. Does such product exist?

(I'm aware this is not strictly S&B question but this is the board I most frequent, do point me to a better place if you know of it).

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