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Black jeans, grey top - what colour blazer?!

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dinosaursandtea Thu 27-Apr-17 09:11:04

I'm very much a dark neutrals kind of girl, and just picked up a pair of black jeans which frankly make my arse look amazing. They look really good with long-sleeve for grey t-shirts, but what do I wear over it? I'm currently wearing a darker grey men's blazer from TopMan, but I want other options - black leather jacket? Blazer in a bright colour or -gasp! - patterned? I'm also pretty top heavy, so I try not to draw attention to the boobs too much...

EssentialHummus Thu 27-Apr-17 09:19:29

Conservatively, navy, but I'd personally wear a darker top and then a mad patterned blazer (like this)

EssentialHummus Thu 27-Apr-17 09:20:15

That link hasn't worked brilliantly, but if you type in "women's paisley bblazer" you'lll get my drift.

OCSockOrphanage Thu 27-Apr-17 10:20:54

Look in Zara if you have one locally. Every year they seem to do Chanel jacket 'homages' in both neutral and brighter shades/patterns. I have an old silk one with a bright floral which goes with almost anything plain, and looks very current over a striped dress.

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