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Is this dress really awful?

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Emphasise Wed 26-Apr-17 21:11:11

teal dress

The colour is one of my best and I need a long dress (that I'll never wear again) for a do. I bought this from another site where the only picture was the front view of the dress without model and thought it would do for the price.

Now I've seen the side with the split and the zip and the fact that it even makes the model look lumpy I'm not so sure. I'm 5'7" , 47yo, size 10 (although have ordered a Jane Norman 12) and properly fit and toned, even if I say so myself grin

Dress code requires closed shoes so I can wear tights to help with the leg situation and smooth any bumps. What do you think?

SucklingDuckling Wed 26-Apr-17 21:12:42

I think it's lovely - it wouldn't suit me as I'd be scared it'd show every lump and bump, but as a toned 10 it'll look amazing!

Stormwhale Wed 26-Apr-17 21:13:27

If you are properly fit and toned, then fine. It's not the best dress I have ever seen but it's OK. I don't think you will know until you try it on. What will the bra situation be?

TheMasterNotMargarita Wed 26-Apr-17 21:13:50

The front view looks OK and the colour is beautiful but the zip and fabric make it look a bit cheap and nasty.
It's something I would have bought and worn when I was younger.

LapinR0se Wed 26-Apr-17 21:13:51

It will be fine you just need excellent pants

redheadbarmaid Wed 26-Apr-17 21:14:11

If you have the figure, which it sounds like you do, you can probably pull it off.

But looks a bit cheap imho sorry

WhereAreMyTesticlesSummer Wed 26-Apr-17 21:14:46

I think it looks exceptionally cheap.

I think it's the zip and the weird seam down the back and the general.... polyester-ness.

PacificDogwod Wed 26-Apr-17 21:15:26

It's a good dress for what it is and if the colour suits you, go for it smile

My only concern would be the scaffolding bra requirements tbh....

Good tights, smart stilettos and some waist/hip smoothing Spanx and you'll look great.

StrawberryMouse Wed 26-Apr-17 21:15:28

Loved it until I saw the zip. If you've got a killer body you'll pull it off though!

SwedishEdith Wed 26-Apr-17 21:15:43

I've you got it yet? I'd wonder what it felt like in real life as 100% polyester. I think the waistband of your tights would show.

PovertyJetset Wed 26-Apr-17 21:16:03

I think the material looks flimsy, ergo cheap.

Itshellofromme Wed 26-Apr-17 21:16:36

I agree it looks cheap and doesn't hang particularly well. However it will show off your figure if you are fit and toned.

Sparkletastic Wed 26-Apr-17 21:18:03

Very cheap looking

EatsShitAndLeaves Wed 26-Apr-17 21:20:39

I'm sorry, but I don't think it looks good even on the models.

When it's creased and worn I think it would look worse. The fabric is awful.

I'm hesitant to say it but it's not a very classy dress at any age or on even the best figure.

I do like the colour though

If your figure is that great I think there are so many better options out there tbh that showcase that but look elegant and classy.

Chinnychinnychinnychib Wed 26-Apr-17 21:21:04

I used to wear a lot of Jane Norman in my 20s. my view is that it's always been a bit...obvious...and unforgiving so yes, pants of steel!!

AllStar14 Wed 26-Apr-17 21:21:29

Sorry I agree it looks cheap. I've always thought that about Jane Norman.

Emmageddon Wed 26-Apr-17 21:23:08

It's a great colour and a good price (assuming you've bought it at the reduced price!) BUT I would just be concerned about what to wear underneath the damn thing. A good quality strapless bra, I guess, and some no VPL knickers.

Personally, if I were a toned size 10, I'd go for something a little easier to wear - you have lots of choice, and if it's a very formal affair, you're not going to want to be fretting about your bra slipping or that zip unzipping or people getting a glimpse of your knickers.

Also, I wouldn't wear that particular dress with tights - bare tanned legs and sparkly shoes for me.

Chinnychinnychinnychib Wed 26-Apr-17 21:23:11

I can't imagine what kind of bra will go under it, either...

CakeNinja Wed 26-Apr-17 21:24:00

Agree with AllStar, sorry! The zip makes it look especially cheap I think.
Love the colour though.

EatsShitAndLeaves Wed 26-Apr-17 21:25:34

What about this if you want something inexpensive?

Solovedress Women's Mermaid Sequined Long Evening Dress Formal Prom Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses (UK12,Teal)

NoCapes Wed 26-Apr-17 21:25:44

Yes it's awful
Looks really cheap and tacky
Although my expectations weren't up to much when I clicked the link and saw it was Jane Norman, the whole shop looks like a shit market stall IMO

You could definitely find better OP

SweetChickadee Wed 26-Apr-17 21:27:18

I got a lovely long dress from Debenhams bridesmaids section years ago - don't know if they still do them

I agree that's a cheap looking frock, sorry

EatsShitAndLeaves Wed 26-Apr-17 21:27:26

PunkrockerGirl Wed 26-Apr-17 21:27:41

Sorry, I think even on the model it looks awful and cheap.

Emphasise Wed 26-Apr-17 21:27:56

Yes, I know, I never wore Jane Norman, even when I was young, but I look better and have more confidence now grin

This is the picture that sucked me in, it looks quite classy there I think (for £20) but agree not so much on the model.

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