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M&S make up?

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I've got a £50 gift voucher left from Christmas and despite my best efforts can't find any clothes I like. I could do with some make up - foundation, blusher, powder. Can anyone recommend anything before I spend it all on wine?

April241 Wed 26-Apr-17 19:48:15

Can you use it online? Stila and Pixi are fab brands which they do, the m&s nearest me only do their own brand but the one about 30 mins drive away has a lot more choice.

I've heard the Pür range is excellent though.

I'm not sure but I'll check it out if I can get Stila that way, thanks. I'm an overweight not very fashionable 42 year old and even I can't find anything I'd wear hmm

SallyGinnamon Wed 26-Apr-17 20:01:20

Loads of makeup brands there and lots not tested on animals. ❤️

My local m&s is tiny so I'm going to see if I can use it online or wait until I go to a bigger shop. Had no idea they do different brands

MuchasSmoochas Wed 26-Apr-17 20:09:51

They have brilliant beauty products on line. Also great hair stuff. The Nuxe range is good and loads of other high end brands.

I was thinking my voucher might go to waste but not now. Thanks all 😊

stoplickingthetelly Wed 26-Apr-17 21:45:26

The beauty section is the only part I tend to look at now. They have a fantastic range of brands. Some of the 'Rosie' stuff is also nice x

Sciurus83 Wed 26-Apr-17 22:02:21

The beauty section is fabulous! Nuxe, Pixi, l'occitane, some fantastic hair care. Rosie for autograph makeup is really excellent, the quality is the same as much more expensive brands and lovely packaging etc. I LOVE her eyeshadow sticks and lipstick formula is great. Definitely have a look online at what they have, happy browsing I am jealous!

Oh I'm really pleased with my Christmas present from work now!

April241 Wed 26-Apr-17 22:30:16

Happy shopping! I love buying makeup, I recently went cruelty free and gave away about 80% of my makeup so now back on the hunt for more things. That's the only reason I realised you could get Stila and Pixi in m&s!

CherryMintVanilla Wed 26-Apr-17 23:10:35

I love the Rosie H-W line too - especially the sheer lipsticks.

This is going to cost more than my £50 voucher isn't it? 🙄

HereBeFuckery Wed 26-Apr-17 23:16:24

The Pür concealer is great, as is the Rosie HW lipstick (Supermodel Smile? Some name like that). They did a Neals Yard hand cream that's got bees on it, which was utterly divine. They even sell cheaper makeup like Barry M, possibly only online, but still!

I've just checked and you can use the gift card online, happy days! That's my Thursday evening sorted

TheBitterBoy Wed 26-Apr-17 23:35:56

Just came on here to recommend the Rosie supermodel smile lipstick, and I see someone beat me to it! It's a fab pinky neutral.

CherryMintVanilla Wed 26-Apr-17 23:46:52

Yes - the Lip Glossy in Supermodel Smile, definitely check that one out OP! The cream blushes are very good too.

Ktown Thu 27-Apr-17 06:35:01

Make up, perfume and skin care is great.
But I love the shoes and vests to cashmere too so you may want to try them too.

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