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Alternative needed - cornsilk face powder discontinued

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Ridingthegravytrain Wed 26-Apr-17 17:44:17

I've been using the cornsilk original satin face powder for years but it's obviously been discontinued. I paid £16 a few months ago on amazon (it used to be £6!) and it's ridiculous now. So I'm looking for a replacement. Tried the smash box powder and don't like it. I get really oily skin and cornsilk is the only one I found that worked for me. Tried Chanel/mac/all the high street brands. And don't like the blotting pads.

Does anyone have any recommendations that aren't really expensive. Needs to be a loose powder. Thanks!

princesscasino Wed 26-Apr-17 19:06:41

I used to love Cornsilk because it was good for mopping up oily breakthrough... I think the best one that's most like it is One Heck of a Blot by Soap & Glory. It's about a tenner and you can get it in larger Boots. I think it's transluscent only so doesn't add any colour.

princesscasino Wed 26-Apr-17 19:08:08

Though I should add it's not loose ! Only a compact pressed powder as far as I know. I use it and so does my 18 yr old daughter - we both love it.

Ridingthegravytrain Thu 27-Apr-17 07:38:07

Thanks princess I will take a look

bananafish81 Thu 27-Apr-17 09:57:30

Innisfree anti sebum mineral powder, from Amazon. It's brilliant.

bananafish81 Thu 27-Apr-17 09:59:05

It's a loose powder - I use that in the morning and it works the best out of any powder I've tried. Every powder works best if I use a mattifying primer as well (I like too faced primed and poreless)

AmandaGWilliamson Tue 24-Apr-18 23:00:51

I used Cornsilk for almost 30 years. I was so gutted. I now use Bare Minerals ‘Mineral Veil’ and although quite pricey, wouldn’t go back to Cornsilk as it’s much more flattering to my 46yr old face.

lostinjapan Wed 25-Apr-18 00:26:54

I don't actually have any recommendations, as I'm in the same position, with both of my favourite loose powders (NYC and Cornsilk) being discontinued. But I've been thinking of trying COTY Airspun or Rimmel Match Perfection, as they're both very popular on Amazon. So if anyone has tried either of those I'd be interested to know your thoughts.

Izzydawg Wed 25-Apr-18 21:42:30

I used corn silk for years too but swapped to boots no.7 translucent loose powder. Think the boots one is much better...
it amazes me how few there are to choose from, most brands don’t even make a loose powder 😟 I couldn’t manage without! Just use concealer and loose powder no foundation

chapthedoor Thu 26-Apr-18 08:56:38

I have the Rimmel match perfection. It's really good but I have the transparent one so it doesn't give any coverage (I wear it over cc cream or Foundation)

Deathraystare Thu 26-Apr-18 11:40:21

It was always bloody hard to find. Got pissed off a few years back when I got a voucher for money off Corn silk and it was nowhere to be found! I liked the loose powder and so did my mum!

I sadly cannot use powder now. My eyes water constantly and it really mucks up my make up. If it wasn't for that I would use a mineral powder. Bummer.

JDSTER Thu 26-Apr-18 18:50:41

I second innis free anti sebum powder. eBay or Amazon sell it.

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