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Your best cheap eye make removers plase

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PollyPerky Wed 26-Apr-17 08:57:09

Have decided that Miceller water makes the skin sting. It's fine for the rest of my face.
In the past used L'Oreal which was ok but not very 'strong'. Don't really want to spend £15-£20 on high end stuff.

MrsChopper Wed 26-Apr-17 09:00:24

I always go back to Simple kind to eyes make up remover. It's cheap as chips.

IMHO it's better than the la roche and nivea ones I have tried recently. I have quite sensitive eyes.

OCSockOrphanage Wed 26-Apr-17 10:50:13

Klorane cornflower water... have used it for years, and it's very hard to beat being both gentle and effective, as well as cheap.

AngelicaSchuylerChurch Wed 26-Apr-17 10:52:01

YY Simple.

bananafish81 Wed 26-Apr-17 10:57:18

YY to Simple

Brilliant spot stain remover too

Was advised to have some on standby on my wedding day in case of any spillages. Didnt have to use it, but am told it's pretty handy

BusterGonad Wed 26-Apr-17 20:37:13

Yep, Simple, the clear one like water, I rub a cream cleanser over over my face inc my eyes and lashes, remove with cotton wool then use the Simple for the eye make that remains. Love it and my skin is always soft and clean.

Ollivander84 Wed 26-Apr-17 20:44:10

Boots simply sensitive. It's about 99p and a lotion type

Daydream007 Wed 26-Apr-17 21:17:31

Coconut oil.

FootstepsMerlot Wed 26-Apr-17 21:18:57

Vaseline or coconut oil

PurpleDaisies Wed 26-Apr-17 21:19:46

Simple for me too. I think micellar water is really overrated.

VilootShesCute Wed 26-Apr-17 21:21:08

Loreal micellar water. Amazing. Doesn't sting and can do whole face with it as takes make up off too. Couldn't live without mine.

jenniuol Wed 26-Apr-17 21:40:28

Definitely simple. All I would use now.

Botanicbaby Wed 26-Apr-17 21:48:41

baby oil + double sided cotton wool pads are perfect for removing all eye makeup.

StrawberryJelly00 Wed 26-Apr-17 21:51:30

Sensitive baby wipes

Justmuddlingalong Wed 26-Apr-17 21:51:37

Simple facial cleansing oil is fantastic. It removes all your make up, including waterproof mascara. You only need a wee drop as well so the bottle lasts for ages.

Howaboutthisone Wed 26-Apr-17 21:54:02

No7 eye make up remover is amazing! I've been using it for years on my very waterproof, shower doesn't budge it at all mascara. And my eyelashes don't feel damaged at all- it's lovely.

BearFoxBear Wed 26-Apr-17 21:54:13

Coconut oil or garnier micellar water.

Sciurus83 Wed 26-Apr-17 21:55:55

Body shop camomile

Manijo Wed 26-Apr-17 23:14:08

Bodyshop camomile

PastysPrincess Wed 26-Apr-17 23:14:57

Vaseline or coconut oil.

Cleebope Wed 26-Apr-17 23:16:38

I use baby lotion to remove all makeup with cotton wool and water.

WellTidy Wed 26-Apr-17 23:20:33

Which micellar water have you been using, op? I use L'Oréal micellar water with the pink cap and I don't find that it stings. I use it generously as it is often on offer in boots.

QueSera Wed 26-Apr-17 23:25:55

Superdrug own brand - ive tried many others, and way more expensive, but this is the best ive ever used. Takes off waterproof mascara like a dream

Rantymare Wed 26-Apr-17 23:37:25

Vegetable oil. Removes all traces. Then a quick wipe with cotton wool soaked in water to get rid of the grease. No sting and gentle on the eyes (and dirt cheap ).

PinkFluffiUnicorn Wed 26-Apr-17 23:40:47

My eyes get stingy with most cleaning stuff for your face, but Nivea 3 in 1, sensitive skin, miceller water, works well and doesn't sting, sometimes I need to soak water proof mascara if I've put loads on

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