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sexy, dressy they exist?

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everythingsgoingsouth Tue 25-Apr-17 17:56:56

any ideas? budget up to £100

Friday999 Tue 25-Apr-17 19:58:35

Hmmmm - the only time I ever feel sexy in flats, is on holiday when I've got a tan, and am wearing pretty, sparkly sandals.

Hoping to find some too, mainly for taking away on holiday when I'll have walked miles in the day time but still want to feel slightly 'dressed' in the evenings!

bananafish81 Tue 25-Apr-17 20:50:42

Closed or open toe? Winter or summer?

sexymuthafunker Tue 25-Apr-17 20:55:14

Place marking.

NearlyChristmasNow Tue 25-Apr-17 21:04:58

Not sure if these would count as sexy, but I have these in white and feel quite smart when wearing them. I like this blue colour:

LapinR0se Tue 25-Apr-17 21:07:05

Dressy yes. Sexy not really IMHO

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