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"Windburn" - any ideas for damaged skin??

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frecklesmcspeckles Tue 25-Apr-17 14:38:42

I have quite pale, sensitive skin (well, as the name suggests, I'm an Irish freckle ball grin . Late 30s, my skin always been in good condition, but on two occasions this year I seem to have ended up with what I can only describe as a kind of windburn i.e. it's been a really cold, windy night and I've been outside for an hour or so and come back in with my skin roaring red and flaming hot. Never had this before!

Problem is it stays the next day and now seems to have permanently taken my normally good skin, which only needs a hint of tinted moisturiser, and turned it in to red nose and chin, cheeks with spidery veins on them...really not pleasant!

Any ideas on a) how to treat and b) how to improve the look in the meantime (I can't take any heavy make up at all, not even a light as air foundation!)?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

AutumnalLeaves38 Tue 25-Apr-17 15:52:38

Oh, you have my sympathies, OP.

Have exactly the same pale, sensitive, prone to reddening-type Celtic skin (does yours also react similarly to central heating/ alcohol/ spicy food etc?). Rosacea, in my case. sad

I can well recommend Clinique Redness Solutions range (pretty expensive, though).
If your budget doesn't stretch that far, I'd use a cheaper, hypoallergenic/ sensitive skin range, and just keep the Redness Solutions Relief Cream in reserve for when needed most.

It's blissful and cooling on hot or flushing face. (I store mine in the fridge, for an extra soothing feeling!). Occasionally resort to gel face mask thing (also kept in fridge). Is meant for sinusitis sufferers, so Boots perhaps?

Definitely would use an everyday, hypoallergenic sunscreen to prevent damage.
Even on non-sunny/ non-windy days (Ultrasun Sensitive, SPF50 is good, non greasy and non-triggering for me...try Amazon: got bargain for £8 last year, lasts ages).

As a cover-up, I use Max Factor Colour Corrector greenish stick, under a very light BB cream make-up.
I was cynically expecting my skin to react, but I'm 2 yrs on and no breakouts...hooray.
It melts and blends nicely from finger heat. You only need a tiny bit over the worst red patches, so no caked-on effects!

Good's a flipping nuisance, isn't it?

nettyhetty Wed 26-Apr-17 00:16:01

autumnal thanks so much for the lovely reply. I've never had rosacea before now! I do get (two glasses in) wine red neck but other than that nothing!

This has never happened me before despite always being slightly sensitive. I can't do clinique at all, allergic to it all! Ultrasun I totally love, but in factor 30 since i read that it's better applied and distributed than 50 and have discovered I NEVER EVER burn with it!
I have a daily faactor 20 ( ren) plus a bare minerals concealer but honestly I look shockingly red and spider veiny regardless now. I hate it. I've reconciled myself to no makeup as my skin doesn't handle it but j can't hack my skin now giving up the ghost on me.

I don't think I naturally am a rosacea person. I'm freckly and burn (by moonlight) but normally skin cream keeps me looking good. I'm so disappointed!!!

AwkwardSquad Wed 26-Apr-17 06:52:42

I got windburn from a trip in a boat, and used La Roche Posay Cicaplast for a few days. It really helped soothe and heal my skin, and I still use it when I have irritated skin or catch the sun.

frecklesmcspeckles Thu 08-Jun-17 16:14:57

Just wanted to come back to say thanks so much @awkwardsquad. I tried the Roche Posay cicaplast Baume as well as the degenerating treatment and my goodness the second one has absolutely transformed my skin!! It's like a primer texture you put on twice a day for a few weeks and it has been amazing!!!
It's also meant that for the first time ever my skin has tolerated some make up. I have the new No 7 foundation applied with a brush rather than fingertips or sponge and my skin just looks great. Thanks!

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