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Has anyone used Kebalo? Does it work?

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katymac Tue 25-Apr-17 12:18:39

What is it & how does it work?

DD (mixed race) is struggling somewhat with her hair

nannyplumislostinspace Tue 25-Apr-17 12:20:15

It's a deep conditioning and smoothing treatment. It's very gentle but might not be strong enough for mixed race hair. I have it every 6 months I've got very frizzy hair and it makes it easier to blow dry.

katymac Tue 25-Apr-17 12:21:56


She would never even consider blowdrying her hair so maybe it's not suitable

katymac Tue 25-Apr-17 14:00:55

Anyone else use it?

Thanks Nannyplum

BusterTheBulldog Tue 25-Apr-17 14:16:03

Is it the same as Cabello? A smoothing / relaxing treatment?

I have had that, supposed to keep hair frizz free for 100 days. It has improved my (frizzy, mad kinky curl, humidity affected) hair, but not the miracle treatment I'd hoped for sadly. As part of having it you have to use sulphate free products and I can't be sure that that isn't the real reason for the improvements I've seen? It looks lovely when straightened / curled and is easier to 'do' but couldn't leave it to dry naturally and still massively affected my humidity / spots of rain.

Next on my list is a Brazilian blow out anyway.

katymac Tue 25-Apr-17 14:20:26

We are sulphate free already & we also avoid '-ones'

It isn't looking good for her is it?

BusterTheBulldog Tue 25-Apr-17 15:35:22

Hmm, there are other threads if you search on 'Brazilian blowouts' that sweat by them, including a kit from Amazon you can do at home. Might be worth a look?

The Cabello thing doesn't sounds quite right though, mine was pretty pricey too!

katymac Tue 25-Apr-17 17:26:50

Hmm it's probably not for her then she wants to keep her curls she loves them (& they make her very employable) we'd just like to stop them becoming matted and tangled by making them smoother


Never mind onwards & upwards!

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