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Hairstyling ideas?

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Clarabell33 Tue 25-Apr-17 12:00:39

I've recently had my hair coloured and chopped to just below my shoulders from somewhere around mid-back. It's a good cut and looks good when I blow-dry or straighten etc (happy hair grin) so I'm just looking for inspiration in terms of styling it on Day 2.

It's quite thick, bouncy and in good condition. Quite smooth and slippery and perhaps consequently doesn't hold style very well, e.g. curls drop out during the day even with product, plaits slide out... I normally wash it every 2-3 days, after I've been to the gym - it really needs washed after exercise so I can't reduce the frequency, and cba to wash it more often!

I wear it down on Day 1 and scraped back on Day 3 if I get that far (usually a housework sort of day), but on Day 2 it's a bit in-between - I can sometimes get away with wearing it down but not always. So I need a Day 2 'style' that isn't just a ponytail or messy bun, something a bit more sophisticated and 'done' for work, but (holy grail) for someone who doesn't have much skill with hair! E.g. never got the hang of backcombing, can kinda do a French braid but not neatly... I just want to look like I've made an effort, without spending more than 5-10min on it in the morning.

Willing to purchase a variety of tools (thinking of those plastic clip things that magically give you a chignon with zero effort) and/or spend some time learning to do a style, but too much choice and I get sidetracked... so can anyone recommend anything in particular, either product or style, for me to try?

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