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Boden Dulverton cropped jeans Yes or No?

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chocolateisnotsleep Mon 24-Apr-17 21:26:31

These ones -

I've been mulling for a week or two and now they've sent me a 25% code. Bastards. Now I have to make my mind up! Are they going to be massively frumpy?

Thinking flats or sandals for warm days (hate getting my pasty white, thread veiny legs out!) and wedges/heels (mostly likely wedges!) for evening.


BounceBounceSplishSplash Mon 24-Apr-17 22:04:18

I like them in theory and on the model. However, I tried on a pair recently in gap and looked ridiculous. Thinknit might be a case of tryingvthem and seeing what the cut is like on.

Brillenbar Tue 25-Apr-17 06:43:29

No real help but I've been looking at these too. I have cropped wide leg trousers (thick cotton material) and am convinced they look cool. I am tempted by the cream ones

BusterGonad Tue 25-Apr-17 07:01:26

It's a no from me chocolate, they remind me of when I used to wear too short jeans as a teenager and my brother made Star Trek jokes!

EverythingEverywhere1234 Tue 25-Apr-17 07:06:20

Sorry but I think they're awful. They'd be so unflattering too.

nextchapterplease Wed 26-Apr-17 19:16:51

I had some similar last year from whistles and loved them - sadly can't quite get them on this year and am missing them

Smallinthesmoke Wed 26-Apr-17 20:42:45

Ok I am going to stick up for these as I bought them last weekend. I saw them on the shop, not sure I would have chanced them on the website as they are a step out of the ordinary for me. I like them. It is a lighter blue in real life than on the website, and the fabric is soft. They look good with a pair of white plimsolls and yes I think would also go well with wedges.
As for the shape, you will need to try them- it will be a personal thing. I am tall and a size 14, clearly they don't magically make me look size 8 but I think I will get a lot of wear out of them. They are not way out and triangular. Size down if you are in between sizes.

Judydreamsofhorses Wed 26-Apr-17 21:11:32

I really like them. I have a similar black pair from All Saints and have worn them a lot, with jumpers and Stan Smith trainers. You can always return if they're no good.

Fairylea Wed 26-Apr-17 21:44:37

Next have identical ones for £28. I have them (the Next ones) and I absolutely love them. They are currently my favourite thing grin

Fairylea Wed 26-Apr-17 21:46:30 Very similar anyways!

Fairylea Wed 26-Apr-17 21:47:47

(Meant to add although it says ankle length they are cropped and says "cropped" on the waist inside).

Nospringflower Thu 27-Apr-17 17:33:58

I like those next ones. Does anyone know if they have them instore?

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