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Week end in nice. What to take?

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FANTINE2 Mon 24-Apr-17 18:06:16

What to pack? I feel quite chuffed with my purchase of Stan Smiths, which will hopefully prove to be comfy.
Struggling a bit with every thing else. Any ideas?

hippospot Mon 24-Apr-17 19:01:54

What time of year?

Dulcimena Mon 24-Apr-17 19:10:25

I'm going tomorrow for work but hoping to have a potter around the old town for a few hours. I can report back!

FANTINE2 Mon 24-Apr-17 20:52:39

I'm going next week end. Staying close to the old town.
Dulcimena, would be great if you could report back, especially re the weather/temperatures.

AllTalkNo Mon 24-Apr-17 21:09:15

Hi, I was in Nice last weekend, temperature was warm but not boiling. Warm enough for bare legs, t shirts and a dip in the hotel pool.

Dulcimena Tue 25-Apr-17 19:48:27

@fantine2 Arrived this afternoon, it's overcast and mild (18-20:degrees depending on which sign you believe). I've spotted the full range of outfits from vest and shorts to winter coats, but I was comfortable in skinnies, brogues, denim shirt and (wool) spring coat. I reckon layers would probably be sensible.

FANTINE2 Wed 26-Apr-17 07:39:07

Thanks for the info. Will have to get started on the old packing. I think you are right about the layers!

Dulcimena Thu 27-Apr-17 09:25:50

Hope you have a nice trip! Heavy rain yesterday morning. When I left yesterday, the forecast for the weekend was bright and dry but not particularly warm. Prepare for anything!!

FANTINE2 Thu 27-Apr-17 15:18:30

Thanks. As long s it's warmer than here, I'm not really bothered.

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