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How often do you get your hair done?

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BlondeGinger Mon 24-Apr-17 10:11:26

I have an appointment at the hairdressers for a full head of foils and a good cut.
After years of dying it at home and avoiding hairdressers for absolutely no reason other than it makes me a bit awkward, I've realised that for my hair to actually look good, I need to bite the bullet and go.
If you have a full head of foils, how often do you go to get the roots touched up? I'm guessing you don't get a full head of foils every time? And how often do you have a trim if you want to grow your hair? I'm a complete novice when it comes to hair and have no idea why but really nervous about going to the hairdresser!

TomaytoTomahto Mon 24-Apr-17 11:58:42

Personally I go to get my hair done every time I drop by the spa, so probably once per 3 to 4 weeks? I think the "norm" though is about once every 6 weeks for a trim/root touch up.

IHeartKingThistle Mon 24-Apr-17 12:00:12

I have quite an intense colour so I get it done every 6 weeks or so. It does make me feel so much better! Used to leave it months though.

BounceBounceSplishSplash Mon 24-Apr-17 13:52:30

Once every 6 weeks - though I'm stretching it to every 7 weeks now I'm on maternity leave. I alternate between full head and half head at each appointment and only get a trim with the ends skimmed off. My hair grows quick otherwise I think I could leave the cut to every other visit. - so cut every 12 weeks.

habibihabibi Mon 24-Apr-17 14:47:08

I get a Brazilian straightening, a cut and full head of highlights every 4 months and in between a half head.and a trim . I personally hate going to the hairdressers but love having good hair . The Brazilian straightening makes my home hair faffing minimum and I don't need the blow outs i used to get for special occasions.

58NotBothered Mon 24-Apr-17 14:50:32

Cut every 4 weeks at present. Highlights every 4 to 6 months.

anastasia38494032010 Mon 24-Apr-17 14:50:51

I have a single colour all over, so once at 3 months I get it done again together with the Olaplex treatment. I get a cut once at 8 weeks or less, and tbh I never wash my hair at home, always get it blowdried at the salon. For me life's too short to wash my hair at home and blow dry it which is pure torture. X

Whathaveilost Mon 24-Apr-17 14:52:23

Every 6 to 7 weeks.

ZeldaWasMyGransName Mon 24-Apr-17 14:52:39

I'm letting my die get a bit "ombré" each time and not worrying too much about roots. I think it looks ok. Means I go for cut and colour every four month or so.

IAmTheWorwax Mon 24-Apr-17 14:54:11

I get half a head of highlights every 7 weeks. I have thick hair so half a head looks like a full head. I should really do it every 6 weeks as my roots are awful.
I get a trim every time too.

Finding a hairdresser where you feel comfortable is what you need. You need to feel like your dresser knows how to handle your hair and not just do what they fancy.

Ktown Mon 24-Apr-17 14:58:21

Every 4 months. Cut, roots and highlights.
I do my roots with the same colour in between.
I like having different hair lengths and the balayage grown out look.

Garnethair Mon 24-Apr-17 14:58:47

Every six weeks now it's short. For decades it was long and I had it cut twice a year and coloured it myself. I thought at the time it looked fine. Photos prove that I looked like a big old pony.

C0RA Mon 24-Apr-17 14:59:59

I have a half head and a t bar of highlights alternately, every 6-7 weeks. My hair is quite fine and having it slightly darker underneath works with the style.

Usually I get it cut each time, but sometimes just trimmed if it's looking ok or I'm growing it.

Sabistick Mon 24-Apr-17 15:02:33

Once a year at a walk in hairdressers, self box colour, and thats it. Having said that, it could look much better😁

LilaoftheGreenwood Mon 24-Apr-17 15:02:46

About every 4 months, when I also have a blonde streak put in. Root touch-ups in between if I need it/feel like it. The blonde streak looks fine a little bit grown out (IMO!)

I think it's a bit of a racket tbh but it probably depends on hair type - mine's long and wavy so "just cut" doesn't look significant sharper or better groomed than "two months' growth".

LilaoftheGreenwood Mon 24-Apr-17 15:03:43

Snort at "big old pony" grin

BusterGonad Mon 24-Apr-17 15:25:57

I dye it myself every 5-6 weeks and the last time I had it cut was August last year! But normally I get it cut twice a year! blush

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