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Straighteners for already straight hair?

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unluckyopals Sun 23-Apr-17 23:08:44

I have poker straight hair that I've never really bothered to straighten unless I am washing my hair at my gym (that has GHDs) or I'm getting ready at a friend's house who has them.

I've noticed in a few tagged photos of me that my hair can go a little bit 'fluffy' at the back. My mother also commented that I looked a bit scruffy last time I saw her hmm.

I'm thinking of buying some straighteners to use when I go out to ensure it stays sleek and swishy, but I don't really know what to buy. I don't think I need the heat (or the expense) of GHD or Cloud 9s because all it needs is a quick 'press'.

Any recommendations for inexpensive straighteners where I can control the heat setting?

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