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I don't know where to shop

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Okite Sat 22-Apr-17 07:49:23

I feel like I'm stuck buying clothes from one or two places that really aren't the best match or fit for me.
I find it almost impossible to find clothes that fit well so have kind of got into a rut of buying cheap things that almost-fit because at least that's better than expensive things that almost-fit! But I'm sure there must be better options out there if only I knew where to look!

I'm tall, overweight (size 16), busty. I'm sick of tops that are too short or that gape over my bust or that just make me look pregnant.
I basically buy everything in Sainsburys, Tesco or Dorothy Perkins. I need places with good online shopping. Where should I be looking?

BarneyRumbleton Sat 22-Apr-17 07:53:58

I like House of Fraser for online. Loads of choice. John Lewis too and Debenhams.
For budget stuff (which it all is at the moment) I find H&M pretty good, but you have to try it on and ignore the labels because the sizing is weird. Don't be upset if you go up a size or two in there.

homebythesea Sat 22-Apr-17 07:55:28

Why not go into a department store and have a personal shopping session. The shopper will have access to all the labels in the store and will probably pick things you wouldn't look at on the hanger. From that you can assess shape and fit and overall look and going forward you can use this information in your own online shopping.

Debenhams or House of Fraser are both good for this as they have a wide range of price points.

ThisIsNotARealAvo Sat 22-Apr-17 07:58:50

I'm a size 18 so a bit bigger than you. Recently I needed to smarten up for work a bit and wanted to spend a bit more on clothes that would last longer. I discovered I really liked Cos, Boden, some things out of Hush although their tops do come up very short, Boohoo (hit and miss but some very cheap absolute gems). I have tried FInery and it came up very small, Simply Be was a disaster. I got a nice coat from new look and have some bits out of Gap but only because there's an outlet near me, I think it's a bit overpriced. warehouse is great for dresses. I have got some nice long length tops from Asos too.

helterskelter99 Sat 22-Apr-17 08:04:09

Long tall Sally have 25% off sale items this weekend they are good for longer tops

Okite Sat 22-Apr-17 08:15:06

Hmm I might try the personal shopping thing, we live miles from any department store though so makes it a bit harder to get there.
We're also miles from any decent sized shops which is why I usually do everything online, it's depressing to order tons of stuff though and end up sending it all back.

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