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What would you wear to see Ed Sheeran VIP?

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SnapCrackleOutOfIt Fri 21-Apr-17 18:34:38

So off to see Ed VIP.

I am a size 18. Big belly - it's not round it's a B shape with a prominent middle bit.

I do have nice lower legs. And nice lower arms.

Thin useless hair.

Stretch mark arms at the top so nothing sleeveless

I'm thinking blazer and skinnies (hiked up over my belly)

I can't realt wear a waist tires dress as I have a big high bottom too.

Have to wear mid length to cover my huge cellulite ridden thighs.

God I hate myself

My saving grace is a pretty face - I've been told.

Just stuck. Ideas please?!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 21-Apr-17 18:55:59

Where are you seeing ES?
Sitting or standing?
Indoors /outdoors?

(I'm going to see Justin Beiber in Hyde Park this summer. Outdoors. Standing. I'll wear a suit of armour so I don't get crushed by the Beleibers )

SnapCrackleOutOfIt Fri 21-Apr-17 19:29:15

Indoors - a box! Surrounded by business types - who will probably be getting drunk

PaperdollCartoon Fri 21-Apr-17 20:02:01

Firstly - I'm horrendously jealous! Have the best time!

A well fitting blazer and skinnies sounds like a good idea. Maybe a big colourful necklace?

SnapCrackleOutOfIt Fri 21-Apr-17 22:12:06

Thanks ! X

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