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BR P50 and Differin - Advice Please

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76burntbeans Thu 20-Apr-17 16:54:10

Hi I'm a bit of a lurker on these boards and have seen there's lots of good advice on skincare here and I'm wondering if anyone uses Differin and P50? I've been slowly upgrading my skincare and I'm at a point now where I feel I've learned/invested a fair bit but I'm struggling to find good advice on using these two products in the same routine.

Some warn against it but Caroline Hirons seems fine with it. Though it looks like she's been using both for ages.

I've been using Differin at night and PC BHA 2% in the morning as part of my routine for a few months now. My plan is to hold off on the Differin and just use P50 at night for a while to see how I get along no with it. I picked up the P50 W as an introduction.

Anyone using else using both these products?

Hulder Thu 20-Apr-17 17:09:10

Presumably your Differin is prescribed? Even if not, it is prescription strength. Nothing else is going to compare to it. You shouldn't be giving up a retinoid for an acid toner, especially when you already have a superb acid toner in your routine with the Paula's Choice BHA.

If you really really wanted to, you could swap out the Paula's Choice for the P50. But personally I'd get a refund/eBay the P50 and stick where you are. There are limits with what you can do with skincare and you have reached them.

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