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More hairdressing woes

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Pollyanna9 Wed 19-Apr-17 20:54:54

Hi y'all

A couple of months ago I wrote about DD having had hair professionally coloured and it had gone green. She was pretty blonde due to previous bleaching, mixed with her natural colour at the roots. The aim was to go back to her natural auburn colour in as close a match as we could obtain.

So we got over all the awkward conversations of 'her hair's gone green' and 'will you put it right at your cost' and we got a 'yes I will' and she put it 'right'. However.

I was having my hair done the other side of the salon and at no time did the hairdresser come and talk to me. One would assume that the colour you put on the previous time is the same colour you would put on this time as well.

I was finished first and when I went over to DD I thought hmm that looks dark. She said 'oh I put a darker colour on' - clearly to prevent the risk of it going green again and her having to do it again for free - she did not ask me, she did not ask DD, she just did it.

So I feel we've lost what we had which was hair that on the previous colouring was very close to natural - now it's a shade or two darker again! Arrghhh!

Added to that, she insisted that it was necessary to cut DDs hair and when we got home we realised it wasn't even straight! It was obviously longer on the left than the right.

So what can I do now? She wants to go back to a lightish auburn - have we got to go through a whole bleach stripping then colouring on top scenario when we were already at the 'it's really bleached at the moment so let's put a light colour on' - we're back to where we were months and months ago!

We'd said before that we didn't want reds, we wanted a more ash tone (which is what we picked the previous time) - and here we are with red tones again and several shades too dark as well.

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