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Anyone have these Clarks sandals?

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JamesDelaneysHat Wed 19-Apr-17 14:28:37 are they any use/comfy. Could get them for £48 rather than £60 with a code. They seem high but reviews saying comfy.

They are gorgeous. I've wanted them since last year but the 4s were too big for me and they hadn't got any smaller sizes when I looked. I definitely plan to try them on again this year, when it gets a bit warmer!

JamesDelaneysHat Wed 19-Apr-17 17:29:07

Well I've ordered them. I'm a clodhopping 7! I already have some Lotta of Stockholm clog sandals that are sort of similar but in a bright orange which restricts what I can wear them with so hoping the Clarks go with more.

BusterGonad Wed 19-Apr-17 17:49:50

They are lovely, I eyed up the wedges the other day!

XiCi Wed 19-Apr-17 19:41:45

They're lovely OP. I got some Dune ones which are similar and I love them - here

Euphemia Wed 19-Apr-17 19:55:54

I have them and they are way more comfy than wooden ones. They're more flexible and padded for comfort. smile

happypoobum Wed 19-Apr-17 20:02:20

They are lovely! I prefer them to the Dune ones (although they are a great bargain) as they have a less scary heel height.

VivienneEastwood Wed 19-Apr-17 20:04:46

Love em! What's the code OP?

JamesDelaneysHat Wed 19-Apr-17 20:08:00

Vivienne code is 'BOUNCEBACK' for 20% off. Glad to hear they're comfy, I'm not a natural heel wearer.

JamesDelaneysHat Wed 19-Apr-17 20:08:36

Dune ones are a total bargain though Xi!

LadyOfTheCanyon Wed 19-Apr-17 21:19:35

What are you planning on wearing them with? I like them but I'm not sure I've got anything they'd go with.

JamesDelaneysHat Thu 20-Apr-17 17:28:58

I think they're quite versatile actually- can wear with jeans, skirts etc? They've arrived and they are hugely comfortable!

Agree they'd be versatile. Skinnies / rolled up jeans / sundresses / skirts / rolled up chinos

ClinkyMonkey Fri 21-Apr-17 02:01:05

I bought these last year and wore them a lot. They're very comfortable and have a feel of being flatter than they are. Can't wait until the weather is decent enough to wear them again. I'm a size 7 too and if anyone crosses me, I just flatten them with my giant clogs 😀

Nix32 Fri 21-Apr-17 19:19:59

Went in to Clarks to try these on today and came out with three pairs of new shoes! Thank you for the code!

JamesDelaneysHat Fri 21-Apr-17 19:30:48

What did you get Nix?

Nix32 Fri 21-Apr-17 23:01:20

This is a real splurge for me; I don't have loads of shoes so these are a treat that I'm hoping will see me through a couple of summers.

LadyOfTheCanyon Sat 22-Apr-17 05:00:55

I tried them on yesterday and although they felt fantastically comfortable I couldn't get over the very light colour of the sole which looked plasticky to me. I ummed and ahed for ages but that in itself is a clue so I didn't get them as I was wearing skinny jeans and they looked odd on me. The summer shoe hunt continues!!

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