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Does your eternity ring spin?

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notnowlater Tue 18-Apr-17 17:54:47

I have recently bought a half eternity ring, claw set diamonds with 12 small stones, and it's driving me mad as it keeps spinning round so only the plain band is showing! I'm not sure whether it's the nature of the design, or if it's because it's too big. It's the same size as my wedding and engagement rings, but as my engagement ring is a solitaire it doesn't spin any further than the two fingers either side, as the stone stops it going any further.
I've never worn an eternity style band so don't know if that's just what they do. I wasn't able to try on a smaller size in the style I bought, but didn't think I would get it over my knuckle, so just went for the same size as my other rings.
Does yours spin?

retainertrainer Tue 18-Apr-17 18:01:20

You can get little clear plastic doofers (no idea what they're called) that attach the rings together at the back and stop them moving.

retainertrainer Tue 18-Apr-17 18:02:39

Google says they're called ring snuggies,you can get them on amazon.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Tue 18-Apr-17 18:03:27

Go see a jeweller about getting it sized.
There's lots of options for dealing with spinning rings.

notnowlater Tue 18-Apr-17 18:08:48

I was just trying to work out if it's the nature of that style of ring, as I think if I get it sized down I will struggle to get it over my knuckle. I don't want to get it resized and find it still spins!

ElspethFlashman Tue 18-Apr-17 18:40:42

You can get two wee balls soldered underneath which press into the flesh to stop it spinning.

It's a common problem on people who have a big difference between knuckle circumference and actual finger circumference.

Kate Middletons engagement ring does it too if it's any consolation!

TooStressyForMyOwnGood Tue 18-Apr-17 18:44:30

I have huge knuckles and struggle with rings. I have an eternity style ring which spins around in the way you describe OP and it annoys me, also if a ring fits over my knuckle it then flounders around and moves up and down my finger. I did try those plastic thugs and just found them annoying.

Elspeth, I've never heard of that before but will investigate!

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Tue 18-Apr-17 19:26:41

Sometimes we change the shape of the ring (slightly flat at the back) to combat swimming. But I'd need to see the ring and your fingers to assess whether it would be possible.

Plastic things are a waste of time.

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