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Help - allergy!

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cheeseandbiscuitsplease Mon 17-Apr-17 22:13:42

I've with make up forever - I'm 44. As a younger girl I used Rimmel, boots 17, Avon etc.
Now I'm a bit older I've changed to slightly more expensive products but have noticed that when I wear eye shadows my eyelids can be swollen the next day - this doesn't happen every time - I only wear eye shadow occasionally. I bought an urban decay pallets and a L'Oréal palette called The Nudes. I bought a Benefit blusher last week, wore it first time on Saturday and jeez what a mess I've been in Sunday and today. My cheeks are rough and blotchy and my eyelids have swollen up (kind of swept the blusher - Galifornia- all over) anti histamine are helping. does anybody take react in such a way to certain products? I'm wondering whether it's the glitter in them. I think I'll go back to Rimmell!

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