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Rosehip oil? Something for redness? Help!

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TheLionQueen Mon 17-Apr-17 21:14:46

My skin has gone to shit basically. I'm 18w pg and in the first tri I had some spots and dryness. Now my face feels OK but I have red patches and lots of little bumps, mainly on my forehead and sort of above the corner of my mouth.
I'm on the third night of using rosehip oil and, impatient I know, see no improvement at all and maybe even getting worse.
I fear in my desperation for improvement I've thrown too much at my face (2 different moisturisers, rosehip oil, new cleanser, new exfoliating sponge) and now it just feels sore and red.
Any advice on what I should or shouldnt do? Thank you!

mintmagnummm Mon 17-Apr-17 21:30:04

Rosehip oil can't be tolerated by some skins it's a known trigger for sensitivity, it makes my skin red and horrible too! Stop using it and just use a mild cleanser removed with a warm flannel and then a moisturiser, keep it basic until ur skin calms down.

TheLionQueen Tue 18-Apr-17 07:47:41

Thanks Mint I'm sure you're right. I'm going on holiday soon and had hoped it would clear up but I doubt it will now. Avoiding make up in case it makes it worse and feel rubbish!

user1471558436 Tue 18-Apr-17 07:50:46

Wash with cetophil. They also do moisturisers too. Light and heavy. The facial wash is the only thing not to dry out my skin and set me off.

TheLionQueen Tue 18-Apr-17 08:10:01

Thank you, I looked at cetaphil user but was more focused on tackling the redness and marks- though it sounds nice and gentle so one to bear in mind if it doesn't calm down.
I just used a warm flannel this morning and a bit of moisturiser with spf. I'll try this for a few days and see how I get on..

TheLionQueen Tue 18-Apr-17 09:02:06

I've tried to get a pic.
This is my cheek and you can see the red marks. It's weird cos it's almost smooth to the touch but so discoloured and feels a bit sore.

EmGee Tue 18-Apr-17 10:22:36

Could it be rosacea?

I would ditch anything scented or strong. Try something bland from the Avene range - they do an anti-redness range. Keep your routine to a cleanser (use warm water if you are cleaning with a flannel) - maybe just use once a day - and then some moisturiser.

TheLionQueen Tue 18-Apr-17 10:36:49

Thank you for the reply. I've just looked on Google images and I think it could be a mild rosacea- I have the tell-tale red cheeks and bumpy/sore looking everywhere else.
So I need to stop scrubbing and stick to bland. I usually use nivea soft- do you think that would be OK or shall I bob out and get avene?

mintmagnummm Tue 18-Apr-17 11:21:06

I would defo dump the Nivea soft as it contains a lot of perfume!

TheLionQueen Tue 18-Apr-17 11:37:39

Cheers mint I will do.
I used garnier protect or something this morn as it has spf- same story with the perfume?
To hand I have nivea blue pot but that smells quite strong too. I think I need to head to the chemist don't I!

CoolCarrie Tue 18-Apr-17 12:01:10

Don't scrub your face, it isn't the kitchen floor, treat your skin like silk and your hair like cashmere my great aunt used to say. The blander and milder the better.

TakeASipOfDancingJuice Tue 18-Apr-17 13:29:09

When my current stash of skincare runs out I'm going to try Pai. It's quite expensive but their redness/sensitive range sounds like it would be perfect for my skin.
I'm using Aurelia at the moment but the calming botanical essence makes me sneeze. I'm so glad I only bought the smallest version of it.

TheLionQueen Tue 18-Apr-17 14:56:13

I know Carrie I'm usually much kinder to it, honest! It was just so flaky and I was desperate for some improvement.
That's interesting Juice I think it's a bit out of my price range but I'm getting to the point where I will have to invest if things don't calm down. Hoping that a week or so of being much nicer to my face will help it out but would be good to hear how you get on with it.

Shop Tue 18-Apr-17 15:16:19

You could try The Ordinary Azelaic acid, it good for redness and breakouts on me

TheLionQueen Wed 19-Apr-17 12:56:27

Thanks shop I've not come across that one, when things have settled down again I might give it a go.
The skin on my chin and jaw line has started to flake terribly but I'm resisting exfoliating and sticking with a warm flannel then moisturiser in the morning and at night. The redness seems to be settling a little so I think it was probably a reaction/a bit raw blush

INXS Wed 19-Apr-17 13:04:30

"I'm resisting exfoliating and sticking with a warm flannel"

Not being a pedant OP but washing with a flannel is exfoliating your skin.

Following this thread with interest btw, my facial skin is always red and I hate it!

TheLionQueen Wed 19-Apr-17 13:08:56

Ah I see what you mean, I'm not rubbing at all though, just sort if holding the warm flannel on my face to get last night's moisturiser off iyswim?
My usual exfoliation would be using a cleanser on a facial brush or sponge thing and rubbing gently in circles, especially where the skin is dry, to get the flakes off!
It's awful isn't it. I know there's worse things in life but my skin is usually fine and it really bothers me when it's bad!

TheLionQueen Fri 21-Apr-17 13:44:16

The redness has eased off a bit but I'm back to loads of bumps and the flakiest skin sad considering a visit to the chemist to see if they can recommend anything!

TakeASipOfDancingJuice Sat 22-Apr-17 11:09:31

When my skin is flaky I use LRP Cicaplast Baume. It's great for healing sore, dry skin. Only at night time though, it's a bit too rich for daytimes.

ArtemisiaGentilleschi Sat 22-Apr-17 13:53:50

It looks like rosacea to me. LRP do a rosacea range I think. I had it a bit and changed to the Body Shop Chamomile cleansing butter for hot clothing.
Rosehip IMO is a bit Emperor's New Clothes. It's an ok oil for moisture, but it won't work miracles.

ArtemisiaGentilleschi Sat 22-Apr-17 13:57:21

Stop exfoliating with other things, no-one needs to do the old sandpaper scrubbing anymore now there are acid toners.
You probably need a more heavy duty targetted moisturiser rather than the Nivea soft. Nivea blue pot or Astral are better than the Soft as they aren't so massively scented.

OdinsLoveChild Sat 22-Apr-17 14:05:01

I use REN Evercalm global protection day cream for my rosacea. You can buy it online and at Marks and Spencer. They do other bits and pieces, a serum and cleansers etc I think.
My skin is a lot better since using it. I noticed within a few days really. When I run out people generally do comment on the redness (I look like I'm drunk with purple nose and cheeks at my worst) so it has an obvious improvement when I use it.

TheLionQueen Sat 22-Apr-17 17:23:48

Thanks for the tip Odin I'll do some reading and either get that or the LRP after the weekend.
I'm not too hot on the chemical exfoliators for some reason- they tend to leave me feeling more raw, as I can control how much I exfoliate with a manual sponge? Though I haven't touched it for ages.
I switched to plain e45 and it seems to be calming down a bit - I hope so as I will be putting make up on next week and don't want to aggravate!

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