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Decsbetterhalf Mon 17-Apr-17 06:49:13

Seriously! Over the last few weeks I have started to get a mass of aggressive spots (my DM's words)

Never as a teenager did I have spots.

Help, it's awful.

I have dry skin so any form of harsh oil free remedies will leave my skin flakey and dry.

I'm using a green corrector to cover the spots but without make up I'm spotty.

Any tips?

Melstarrynight Mon 17-Apr-17 06:57:06

I started to get them around the age of 39 around my chin. Nasty cystic acne that is not had in ages. I found using a 10% glycolic acid lotion regularly stops them coming back. If I stop then they come back.

Have a look at the website www. which I found very useful.

Decsbetterhalf Mon 17-Apr-17 07:19:29

Thank you

Dozer Mon 17-Apr-17 07:20:48

I have this too. Is that lotion over the counter Melstarrynight?

Melstarrynight Mon 17-Apr-17 08:04:02

I get it from Amazon and it's called alpha hydrox. I'm away at the moment and it's at hind so can't remember all the details on the bottle.

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