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Healthy glow

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camelia29 Sun 16-Apr-17 20:00:58

I am very pale skinned with blonde hair, blue eyes and just never have a 'healthy glow'. People constantly comment that I look 'tired' which, to be fair, I usually am (three young children). I would say that my diet is very healthy and I exercise regularly. I just wondered if anyone had any advice on make-up or other ways to look a bit healthier! I use facial spray tan occasionally but never remember to keep it up and sometimes it looks too orange. Any tips would be appreciated.

Softkitty2 Sun 16-Apr-17 20:18:48

Do you use a concealer? Undereye circles makes people look tired even when they are not.

I would suggest an illuminating primer like becca, smashbox or charlotte just gives you a nice glow

Use a bb cream or light foundation, conceal er.. nice neutral or pink lipstick.

camelia29 Sun 16-Apr-17 20:21:45

Thanks softkitty. I do use concealer but not very effectively I think as I feel it gets into the fine lines around my eyes and makes them look deeper...

twostepsister Sun 16-Apr-17 20:22:47

I use the Clinique sonic system twice a week to prep the skin and swear by Clarins double serum to look more radiant. Olay touch of sun light moisturiser, with spf15, Garnier BB cream, medium and Benefit Hoola bronzer.
Drink lots of water, a few bread free days and eating peppers and carrots with low fat houmos for lunch/tea, grapefruit and low fat soup. Restrict alcohol to just the weekend and cut out carbs after 6.00 I always feel and look healthier. I will start this in a few days time....too many easter eggs to tempt me at the moment.

BounceBounceSplishSplash Sun 16-Apr-17 20:27:01

I find Clarins facial tan drops add a healthy glow rather than a full fake tan look. Also primer. I like Mac Strobe cream - I apply all over the face but only under foundation. It's too much on its own. Rosie for M&S Autograph Instant Radiance primer is also good - more subtle than MAC and can be worn on its own without foundation.

Greenvalleymama Sun 16-Apr-17 20:28:24

I'm very similar colouring to you and I've recently started using Olay Touch of Sunshine moisturiser rather than my usual Olay moisturiser and have had loads of compliments and people asking if I've been on holiday (rather than the usual comments about looking knackered!).

I've tried others before and they've been too yellow, but this one seems really light and natural. I'd definitely recommend it.

camelia29 Sun 16-Apr-17 20:33:51

Thanks so much for your replies, I'm off to investigate all these suggestions.

friendlyflicka Sun 16-Apr-17 20:41:04

I love the clarins drops. Also Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser-there is an illuminating one.

Softkitty2 Sun 16-Apr-17 20:42:31

With the concealer you have to moisturise the undereye area first and apply concealer in a 'v' under your eye upto your cheek area and blend -- look at pinterest if i am not making sense to you and then lightly set with a finishing powder.

But yes I highly recommend an illuminating primer.. Some brands come in different shades so you can choose one that will give you a subtle tan

MitzyLeFrouf Sun 16-Apr-17 20:46:58

I think some people talk a lot of nonsense about a healthy glow. They think pale = tired and wan, which often isn't true.

Learn how to effectively cover dark circles and maybe look into an illuminating primer as mentioned and maybe a liquid or powder highlighter. And a dab of blusher can really 'lift' a pale complexion.

WipsGlitter Sun 16-Apr-17 20:47:48

Are the Clarins drops any good if you're blue white with a white neck?

itsacatastrophe Sun 16-Apr-17 20:57:07

What's your skin care routine like?

friendlyflicka Sun 16-Apr-17 21:09:47

I am green white so not sure! I am an olive complexion naturally. I use 4 drops in serum and it is great but you could experiment with quantities. It isn't orange on me at all

Gah81 Sun 16-Apr-17 21:16:55

I have similar colouring. What really worked for me is: illuminating powder (Bobbi brown) across the tops of the cheekbones and also a dab of highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes.

camelia29 Sun 16-Apr-17 21:17:07

I just cleanse and moisturise twice a day as I'm nervous of anything else as I have regular outbreaks of spots.

yallamamma Sun 16-Apr-17 21:28:52

Dior do an illuminating primer, let me find the name, it's amaaaaazing

yallamamma Sun 16-Apr-17 21:30:33

Dior Glow Maximizer

MitzyLeFrouf Sun 16-Apr-17 21:31:27

The Dior primer had been discontinued I believe. I like the Becca one

yallamamma Sun 16-Apr-17 21:50:10


yallamamma Sun 16-Apr-17 21:50:23


MitzyLeFrouf Sun 16-Apr-17 21:51:57

Becca Backlight primer. It's ace

Ktown Mon 17-Apr-17 11:52:02

The Dior one is/was perfect: rose gold.
I haven't found a replacement but I think mac strobe redlight is similar.
Stila cream blush works perfectly to add glow. Finished off with a light bit of bronzer.
I would skip the foundation as it has a tendency to rub off during the day and go patchy.
Cc creams also work well.

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