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Acne scars - fraxel lasers - London clinics please?

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Gah81 Sun 16-Apr-17 14:54:40

OK, someone has just taken an Easter photo of me in really unflattering lighting and you can see all my rolling scars. It has made me pretty sad even though my skin had improved over the last few years. I need to do something about this.

Thinking of getting fraxel laser done - have been considering it for some time. Has anyone here done it? Any tips for clinics in London?

Gah81 Sun 16-Apr-17 17:19:40


highinthesky Sun 16-Apr-17 17:21:39

Are you able to post a pic of the worst area of skin, magnified if possible?

(Not a voyeur, I'm genuinely interested in helping).

Softkitty2 Sun 16-Apr-17 17:28:06

Dr joney de souza in mayfair.. There is also a lady doctor that is highly recommended here but cannot remember her name.

Gah81 Sun 16-Apr-17 17:29:38

Of course! My camera isn't very pixellated so I've bunched up my skin up a little to show it (also I have quite good lighting in my house). Worse on lower part of cheek and chin. Know there are worse problems in the world and DP always tells me I am beautiful but is getting me down a bit!

Gah81 Sun 16-Apr-17 17:31:50

Thanks, both!

highinthesky Sun 16-Apr-17 17:42:37

It's difficult to be certain from the pics, but it looks to me like there is an element of pigmentation rather than just scars (which are no way near as bad as you might think they are, btw!).

If this is correct, a topical (prescription only) retinoid would help, but it would mean keeping out of UV light. The right make-up could also make a real difference if the appearance is bothering you.

I say this not only from a professional perspective, I'm also a life-long acne sufferer. Yet people constantly remark on how lovely my complexion is! confused

I would not want to go down the cosmetic procedure route myself, but that is my personal choice.

Gah81 Sun 16-Apr-17 17:53:21

Thank you smile I used to have pigmentation but that disappeared over time, I think!

I shall take a look into retinoids though as it is something I have heard come up previously.

I've had microneedling before which did some good, and I know nothing can get rid of them entirely, but I would love for them to be improved.

TheLittleFoxes Sun 16-Apr-17 19:07:13

Hi Gah, what was microneedling like? Was there much downtime and did it improve the scarring? I'm in the same boat as you.

Gah81 Sun 16-Apr-17 19:31:11

It was a little odd and a bit bloody to look at afterwards but I would say it improved them by about 15 - 20%. Had 3 of them, £150 a session. I think it was worth it (but then I would pay nearly any money for some improvement!!)

TheLittleFoxes Sun 16-Apr-17 19:38:09

It's so dispiriting isn't it? Ageing seems to be making it worse - fine lines and sun damage adding to the general awfulness that is my skin. I would live to not even have to think about it but I am awfully self conscious especially the first time I meet people. I'm still getting the odd spot in my 40s and I seem to scar so easily.

Gah81 Sun 16-Apr-17 22:28:57

It really is. I really wish I had paid more attention to the scarring when I was younger - but I was so worried about the actual acne that I didn't start to think about the long-term impact until way too late. I think there is lots of stuff out there we can do and am determined to have a good stab at it anyway.

highinthesky Mon 17-Apr-17 09:01:50

You're right, there is OP.

Some cosmetic procedures can have very limited results, considering how expensive they are. I looked briefly at microneedling, but apart from not being a suitable remedy for my own skin, was alarmed that this procedure is undertaken by people with no formal training in infection control.

I'd be interested to know how you get on with other self-administered procedures - regular microdermabrasion etc.

Gah81 Mon 17-Apr-17 11:09:50

Oh, I went to my dermatologist for guests microneedling! I certainly would not do that to myself 😂

Gah81 Mon 17-Apr-17 11:10:18

*the microneedling

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