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Do you wear "alternative" printed t-shirts/ tops? Go to brands/ designers?

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PARunnerGirl Sun 16-Apr-17 14:18:55

Along the lines of a Fearne Cotton kind of style I guess? Cute prints (I've seen her recently with rainbow and cats) or a band or slogan t-shirt with a bit of a twist...


chezbot Wed 19-Apr-17 18:14:25

I wear a lot of film and tv inspired ones. Last exit to nowhere and red bubble are great. I particularly recommend the Butcher billy shop on red bubble

OdinsLoveChild Wed 19-Apr-17 18:19:23

Red bubble is my favourite one. Sometimes you can wait ages to get your t shirt though, I've waited over 2 weeks before which sometimes makes me wonder why I bothered ordering from them but you dont get the same stuff anywhere else. grin

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