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Best liquid eyeliner

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DonaldTrumpsTrump Sun 16-Apr-17 14:03:25

I'm not very good at putting liquid eyeliner on but find it easiest with a long felt tip end type. I have the collection 2000 liquid eyeliner which I find easy to use but I find it doesn't last very long on me and I end up with panda eyes!

Can anyone recommend a longer lasting one? I have a maybelline or rimmel one (can't remember which) which comes with a brush and pot which I think is a load of bollocks to use and I have a bourjois one with a tip like a highlighter which I also find hard to use.

Any suggestions?!

Ollivander84 Sun 16-Apr-17 14:06:39

I love the maybelline gel one but if you want a long tip type then eyeko is meant to be good. My friend uses a l'oreal one... Super liner maybe? And hers is immaculate
I hate the long tip type and hated both of those so they will probably work for you grin

Ollivander84 Sun 16-Apr-17 14:08:07

L'oreal super slim is the one she uses, just checked'Oreal-Paris-Super-Slim-Eyeliner-Intense-Black/p/382152

bionicant Sun 16-Apr-17 14:08:54


Therealslimshady1 Sun 16-Apr-17 14:42:55

Eyeko, amazing, I got it in m&S calendar!

Much better than Smashbox, which is much more watery and does not last, my eyeko even survives a sauna and swim!

I guess eyeko is just permanent marker under another name grin

CaoNiMartacus Sun 16-Apr-17 15:35:30

I've tried a lot of different liquid eyeliners, and unfortunately (for my bank balance) the best one I've found is the Tom Ford double-ended pen jobby.

StealingYourWiFi Sun 16-Apr-17 15:42:25

I like the Kat Von D one best

flowery Sun 16-Apr-17 15:45:23

Urban Decay 24/7 or whatever they call it now. Razor sharp I think.

Far better than any of the myriad others I've tried.

Trills Sun 16-Apr-17 15:45:31

Another vote here for the Eyeko one from M&S.
It's very richly black.

RunningMommy Sun 16-Apr-17 15:52:41

I second Ollivander (for the 2nd time in two days I think...) I use the L'Oreal one and it's easy to use with a good finish. The gold tube is the best if you can find it. tbusmile

Skyllo30 Sun 16-Apr-17 15:54:05

I am terrible with liner and can only use the ones that are like a fat marker - Rimmel one is cheap and lasts well.

DonaldTrumpsTrump Sun 16-Apr-17 15:59:01

Thanks everyone, I think I'll try the eyeko one but will also have a nosey at the rest first wink

DonaldTrumpsTrump Sun 16-Apr-17 16:02:00

Is Kat Von D make up decent stuff then? I tend to avoid celebrity make up as they're normally rubbish!

Mcmcmcmc Sun 16-Apr-17 16:03:30

Stila or Kat von D (felt-tip pen)
Revlon or Maybelline (inkpot) - not waterproof, unfortunately
Tom Ford (double-ended: brush and felt-tip) - the best of them all, but very expensive. Mine has been lasting for over a year though (probably near 2 years now!)

For the chemist/high street options, I'd recommend the inkpot style liners, as the felt-tip ones tend to dry out within less than a week. Just make sure to find a store with testers to check the brush tip - some have a really fine and flimsy tip that I don't like. I find the ones with firmer, almost felt tip-like brushes to be the easiest ones to use.

Therealslimshady1 Sun 16-Apr-17 16:35:34

The best eyeko one is the extra black one (can't remember the name!)

musicteacheriz Sun 16-Apr-17 16:48:47

Soap and Glory Supercat or the collection fast stroke . The felt tip collection one didn't stay on me either but the fast stroke one did!

loveday222 Sun 16-Apr-17 16:54:58

Second for Stila. I have used the black Stila for about three years now and buy them three at a time. I'm a big fan of the black eyeliner and it's the best one I have tried. And I have tried lots! Although not Eyeko, tempted to now though...

Fibbertigibbet Sun 16-Apr-17 17:01:08

17 Tattoo Me liner stays on through absolutely everything, but might be tricky to put on if you are just starting out (most people find felt tip pen liners easier to use, and it's a little bit gloopy)

Judydreamsofhorses Sun 16-Apr-17 17:55:37

Another vote for Kat Von D.i used to get it muled over from the US before it was in Debenhams.

StylishDuck Sun 16-Apr-17 20:38:14

I have a Ciate one and I've found it the easiest I've tried. And I've tried a lot!

RosieCockle Mon 17-Apr-17 12:19:37

Another vote for Urban Decay Razor Sharp. It's the only one I've found that doesn't budge on me. I always get "imprints" later on in the day. Wasn't impressed by the Eyeko one.

rashamugy Mon 17-Apr-17 12:25:51

Tom Ford double-ended pen jobby, i love it.

mowglik Mon 17-Apr-17 21:25:09

Eyeko or Kat Von D tattoo liner - both are excellent and smear proof, the tattoo liner is also a felt tip pen style but with a slightly finer end so helps to do the flicks at the end if you do those

mumsonthelash Mon 17-Apr-17 21:29:23

Guerlain liquid eyeliner is brilliant cant use felt tip ones.

Botanicbaby Tue 18-Apr-17 00:11:20

Beware as there are 2 types of Kat Von D eyeliner, the tattoo liner one has a slightly different applicator than her other liners which are more felt-tip like (& not as long lasting!)

The tattoo liners are better but not as many colours to choose from.

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