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Nice kids clothes please

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nonameinspiration Sat 15-Apr-17 17:40:17

I used to be able to find everything between joules and boden but boden could palate this year is a bit yuck.
I like bright colours for my dds. I've looked at frugi but bit babyish for dd1 who is 7 but needs 9-10 clothes. I love Hatley but it stops at 8.

Marks and spencer so so but the dds (4 and 7) like to have the same and they are in different collections in marks.

Next generally too shoddy for my liking.

H and m we have odd bits but I've turned my nose up at a lot this year - too cheap looking.

What other websites can I try?

Wallabyone Sat 15-Apr-17 17:46:46

I like Zara and John Lewis, also Gap Kids.

LogonMounstuart Sat 15-Apr-17 18:07:26

Uniqlo have nice plain bright colour tees.

LogonMounstuart Sat 15-Apr-17 18:08:07

Although that is for boys I haven't looked at girls- sorry!

UppityHumpty Sat 15-Apr-17 18:09:41

GAP kids. Zara. M&S

nonameinspiration Sat 15-Apr-17 18:10:40

Gap kids I used to love but their colours arnt as nice now. Last a long time though.

No Zara anywhere near here but will
Take a look

SimplyNigella Sat 15-Apr-17 18:14:18

Some of the Scandi brands go up to to 9/10 I think- Smafolk, Mini Rodini etc. Try Juicy Tots or Scandi Mini for a decent selection of brands.

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