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Anti humidity products for mad, thick, frizzy hair.

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trickydickie Sat 15-Apr-17 12:16:56

Looking for recommendations please? I have tried youtubing this endlessly for past couple of days and managed to get some UK based recommendations for products to use for washing, blow drying, straightening.

I would also love some advice for stopping the frizz in the Scottish drizzle. It is actually for my 11 year old daughter. (I have asked for hair advice lots for her). I have had brazillian blow dry's but won't allow her as far too young. We have tried the curly girl method but just too much work everyday! We have tried morrocan/argan oils. Either we put too much on or not enough. Also feel it has made her hair even dryer. The frizz actually starts from the hair at her scalp all the way down. She has inherited this frizzy, coarse, thick hair from myself and DH. So double whammy, poor girl.

I have got the babyliss big hair thing, her hair is so long that I end up getting it tangled which I can sort but she still ends up with the frizz at her scalp and down for a few centimetres.

I would just please love a bit of anti humidity product advice and or recommendations. Thanks very much.

lasttimeround Sat 15-Apr-17 15:40:33

Sorry all I got is cg method. I'm in Scotland znd feel your pain.

lasttimeround Sat 15-Apr-17 15:43:27

Altho not sure what you mean by too much work with cg method. 2-3 times a week of plopping the rest of the time you refresh which is basically a spritz and a shake. I know of many who only plop once a week. With the right amount of condish and leave in should be easy.
A lot of moroccan and argan oil is just silicone - has that either greasy of dry as he'll effect.

UppityHumpty Sat 15-Apr-17 16:35:45

Using the loc method before Plopping my curly hair in a t-shirt worked to removed most of my frizz. After washing I use Aussie miracle recharge leave in to start, then a pea-sized amount of organic coconut oil, then ogyx coconut milk serum.

Ollivander84 Sat 15-Apr-17 17:42:42

Lee Stafford do a dehumidifier one at boots, it's in a pink tin
Living proof have one too but it seems to be on back order here, not sure if available anywhere else

trickydickie Sun 16-Apr-17 00:51:57

Thanks olliv and Uppity - I am about to buy the Lee Stafford anti humidity spray. I have also read that spraying hair spray on each section I brush through after straightening will help stop the frizz. Think we will just have to practice. Thank again.

tabulahrasa Sun 16-Apr-17 01:18:55

Straightening and spray will only work till it's damp out, or at least that's what I've always found.

What were you doing when you tried curly girl that was that much hassle?

It takes me about 2 minutes to do my hair on a non wash day.

trickydickie Sun 16-Apr-17 01:39:24

it is hassle cause it isn't my hair. It is my 11 year old daughter's hair. She is one of four children. I also child mind 2,3 or 4 other children each morning by 7.45am. I don't have 10 minutes every second morning at 8,30am to sort her hair. She can't manage the curly girl method herself. She is now wanting it straight. If I help her straighten it once a week I feel that her hair could look less frizzy for the rest of the week until it is washed again.

Just looking for product recommendations.

The only thing I didn't try with her was a silk pillowcase. i might invest in one for her.

She now just wants it straight. I understand that. I can straighten my curly frizzy hair once a week and on the whole it stays that way.

Dd only needs to wash her hair once a week (anymore and it goes mental). She then wants it straightened. I am trying everything here to make her happier with her hair. I had the same hair as her at her age and feel her pain. Things have moved on and I want to try and help her. I am sure there is some wonder product or management of frizzy hair I haven't heard of that will help her have her straight hair and tame her frizz. Or if not then that is fine too.

She wants to try straight hair and I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a dehumidifying product for me.

I am sure after many year of putting up with frizzy straight or not so straight hair she will revert to her curls. By the time she is 14, 16, 20 she will have reverted back to curly girl.

tabulahrasa Sun 16-Apr-17 01:54:04

Just wondered because it's the least hassle and least time consuming thing I've done with mine.

But then there's no way I can straighten mine and have it last a week... if I'm lucky it'll last the day without starting to curl again, lol.

Straightening and hairspray will defrizz mine, but only until it's damp outside, then it's frizzy again and anything more wet than damp sends it back to unstraightened.

lasttimeround Sun 16-Apr-17 07:59:52

How about wash and plait overnight? That will make it a bit smoother and ringleted.

Jmangel Sun 16-Apr-17 08:11:06

Right, so I've switched to castor oil - much heavier oil than argan etc.and really weighs frizz down. At night after washing, pull all hair back into a tight low pony at nape of neck. Then divide pony into four and pull each strand tight and wrap it upwards towards forehead around the head and pin in place. Repeat for other three pieces. Sleep on overnight then in morning take down and hair will be loose waves and frizz free. It's amazing - check YouTube for tutorials - takes 3 minutes to do.
Keep hair as long as possible with no layers and use a low shampoo - liking the new L'Oreal one..

DoItTooJulia Sun 16-Apr-17 08:17:17

I have hair like your daughters. The only way I can get away with washing once a week if I blow dry and straighten is to keep it completely dry sad. And to be honest, I can only then get max 5 days of it looking presentable, more like 3/4.

Have you tried elasicizer? It goes on before shampoo and under a shower cap for as long as she can stand it. Wash and dry and straighten as normal. I use a touch of gloss spray and then hairspray. But not too much because it'll go lanky quicker.

I cba with full on CG either. My 4 yo son has truly curly hair and his hair loves the 99p curl Creme from boots. Applied on damp hair. Again, not too much. To refresh on no hair was days I spritz with a leave in conditioner spray.

Not sure if that's useful, but I feel her pain. I have also developed a style where I section my hair when it's wet and 'twist' each section up to a top not. Difficult to explain but it takes less than a minute and I get a lot of comments. Stops the frizz.

Best of luck

Gah81 Sun 16-Apr-17 09:00:43

I also have hair like your daughters. Curly hair is fab - such a shame to straighten it all the time. One thing that my mum introduced me to when I was little was to put in pin curls and leave overnight.

You dry your hair about 80%, then take a strand of hair, curl it around 2 or 3 fingers (3 gives more volume and a sleeker look) as if it was a roller and then pin in place with a tiny kirby grip. Do all over your head and then sleep on it. Wake up, comb through and then hairspray to keep in place. Works a treat! Have done this every 3 days or so since I was little. Once your daughter gets the hang of it, it is also something you can do yourself smile

Gah81 Sun 16-Apr-17 09:01:31

Sigh. *daughter's

And *something she can do herself.

Apologies. Am pre-caffeine!

UppityHumpty Sun 16-Apr-17 09:48:41

I think hairspray/straighteners on an 11 year old's hair is a bad idea tbh as it would just make the frizz worse long term. I have thick hair and it still causes my hair to fall off- please start with plopping and LOC and make her responsible for it if you're short of time.

specialsubject Sun 16-Apr-17 10:09:59

She can have it smooth and defrizzed but it will cost £150 and take several hours.this is loreal xtenso or wella straight, and they are inventions that have made my life a lot easier and looking a lot better. Lasts a year with a competent hairdresser and staying dry for a week after the treatment.

Big ask at 11 though.

trickydickie Sun 16-Apr-17 11:10:22

Thanks everyone. A lot of useful info here.

What my family would give for thinner, straighter hair wink. Though I am sure I should be careful what I wish for.

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