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Beachy hair waves

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Chocolou Sat 15-Apr-17 11:26:31

Seen loads of Pinterest pictures of beachy waves in hair.

How do I get them? Do I need the babyliss curl secret or some other gadget?

My hair is poker straight and fine and boring but love this look.

WhooooAmI24601 Sat 15-Apr-17 13:38:03

The curl secret doesn't add much curl to my hair (long but fine and blonde). There's a remington barrel tong that's got a super chunky barrel, heat can be increased or decreased depending on what you want and the curls last all day. That's my best one for beachy waves.

The GHD wave thing is awful; I bought it last year, used it a couple of times and now it's hiding under my bed.

Chocolou Sat 15-Apr-17 15:57:21

Which model? Do you have to do some particular technique?

Mamia15 Sat 15-Apr-17 16:19:36

As you have fine straight hair you will need to use a texturising product (e.g seasalt spray) to get the waves to last - use after washing hair, rough dry your hair upside down and then add waves using tongs or a straightener.

There are lots of You Tube demos so have a look at these.

fiorentina Sat 15-Apr-17 19:49:36

I use sea salt spray. Boots do a travel Toni and Guy version if you want to try for a couple of pounds.

fiorentina Sat 15-Apr-17 19:50:02

I don't use tongs after that though, just spray and 'ruffle'..

Chocolou Sat 15-Apr-17 20:01:00

My hair is poker straight though so feel I might need some curl help. Have got some salt spray so will try that first and see what happens.

Is it better if your hair is a bit dirty?

PhyllisWig Sat 15-Apr-17 20:32:06

I plait. I have straightish fine hair with kinks and can get waves if I do multiple plaits on damp hair from about half way down. I then sleep on it. In the morning I set with sea salt/texturising spray. I have to be careful to start the plaits a good couple of inches from my scalp though or else I look like I've put my head in the plug socket.

I do the same for dd1 when she wants waves but without the styling spray as she is only 7! Her hair is long, poker straight and fine.

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