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Wedding outfit dilemma

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hawleybits Fri 14-Apr-17 22:09:56

Sorry can't seem to link.

Could this dress be dressed up for a wedding on the beach? UK, in May!
It's a fairly casual affair with no particular dress code. I'm trying to cover all bases - not too formal but smart enough. Not too much white flesh on display but cool enough if it's a hot day.
Any useful advice would be very welcome.

hawleybits Fri 14-Apr-17 22:16:04

Oh, it did link. That makes it easier smile

Semaphorically Fri 14-Apr-17 22:18:03

It's viscose, so I'd be a sweaty mess on a hot day in it. It's a nice dress though, I like it.

Gah81 Fri 14-Apr-17 22:18:34

That is a lovely dress. I think that could work. Perhaps with a statement bangle or earrings and co-ordinating waist belt.

hawleybits Fri 14-Apr-17 22:28:47

Yes viscose, I know! I'm usually a cold person so hopefully it won't be an issue.
Do you think bangle and earrings, rather than necklace? And what about shoes/sandals/bag?

Semaphorically Fri 14-Apr-17 22:57:19

If the wedding is on the beach take some flip flops for that part - you'll sink into the sand in heels! I like the idea of no necklace (or a very small necklace), kind of like the pic?

MommaGee Fri 14-Apr-17 22:59:22

not sure i'd go so long on a beach

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