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Very thin summer hoodie/jumper

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rollonthesummer Fri 14-Apr-17 01:59:56

My friend has the most beautiful hoodie-it's charcoal colour, incredibly thin, almost a speckled marl type material and it is very very soft. I would love one as it looks perfect for wearing on warm summer evenings. She got it in America though, typically!

Can I find one though??! I don't even know what to search for-nothing similar shows up when I search for lightweight, summer, thin hoodie tops!

Does anyone know what I'm talking about and has seen something similar? It's not fleece, or sweatshirt!!

Veronicat Fri 14-Apr-17 07:00:57

It actually sounds really similar to one I have. Mine's a work out one. It's not sweatshirt or fleece. It's like a very fine type of knit. Could it be something like that? I love mine and have been on the look out for another one.

Veronicat Fri 14-Apr-17 07:01:30

It actually sounds really similar to one I have. Mine's a work out one. It's not sweatshirt or fleece. It's like a very fine type of knit. Could it be something like that? I love mine and have been on the look out for another one.

chocoshopoholic Fri 14-Apr-17 07:03:32

Decathlon have a lot of thin hoodies in at the moment

WantedDeadorAlive Fri 14-Apr-17 07:10:23

Second Decathlon- I've got one that sounds similar, although it is a pullover style rather than zip up.

Veronicat Fri 14-Apr-17 07:12:17

Thanks for the headsup. I've just ordered a hooded walking jacket for a charity event I'm doing.grin

Jeffjefftyjeff Fri 14-Apr-17 07:20:50

Bam clothing have some, e.g.
Not cheap though

bingohandjob Fri 14-Apr-17 08:00:46

If you're looking for lightweight, this is perfect for summer - I swear by merino, it's like magic material, I've got a navy one of these and take it everywhere

Pinkkahori Fri 14-Apr-17 11:12:59

any good?

rollonthesummer Fri 14-Apr-17 13:22:15

Thank you for the replies! Pinkkahori-I can't get that link to open, which shop is is?

Pinkkahori Fri 14-Apr-17 13:24:12

Sorry about the link. It's Fatface. A lightish grey marl. Think it is more loungewear but looks good.

Rudymentary Fri 14-Apr-17 13:27:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rollonthesummer Fri 14-Apr-17 20:07:05

Thank you for the replies!

That Fat Face one and also Veronicats ones are the most similar, I think. The FF one is only available in a 6 though! I can't find one similar on Decathalon?

What is the fabric composition on the label of that one you have, Veronicat?

witsender Fri 14-Apr-17 21:05:48

White company used to

Lucked Fri 14-Apr-17 22:03:37

one is only £10

rollonthesummer Sat 15-Apr-17 03:07:26

What's that link, lucked?

Lucked Sat 15-Apr-17 07:55:05

Sorry, don't know why the link doesn't work it is on ASOS. JDY knitted hoodie product code 949226

rollonthesummer Mon 17-Apr-17 19:03:55

Thank you for the link. I'm looking for something much darker-more charcoal-and without a drawstring. I wish I knew what the material was I should be looking for!!

It needs to be ...
very soft
Dark grey/black
Not cropped
Very thin/lightweight


LockedOutOfMN Tue 18-Apr-17 23:59:02

In Spain we have a very cheap shop called Lefties (part of the Zara chain - original it sold the Zara "leftovers" but now it has its own collection) which sells very thin hoodies. I have one from almost 2 years ago that's charcoal grey plus others. I'm not sure if they have the shop in the UK but you may be able to look online? The clothes are very cheap but quality is average - like H&M sort of thing.

toffeeboffin Wed 19-Apr-17 00:02:44

Can't you order one online from the US?

rollonthesummer Wed 19-Apr-17 17:48:06

She doesn't know what shop it's from and there's no label!

simmonsbythesea Wed 19-Apr-17 17:54:04

Like PP, it sounds like a sports/workout top or base layer.

How about this Gap one, I really rate Gap workout stuff, this one is available in all sizes in grey the sale and also black and bet there's a discount code floating around. Def 20% straight away if you sign up to the newsletter if you haven't already.

stripeknee Wed 19-Apr-17 18:06:41

not sure if this is any good
from forever 21 which is american brand i believe
i have one as dd ordered it but didnt like it, it is very comfty, lightweight and was great on a recent trip away

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