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Wunderbrow - yay or nay?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 13-Apr-17 22:57:09

I have officially The worlds shabbiest Eyebrows.

I've tried growth serums (work ok for a while but it needs ongoing commitment and ££)
I have tried dye (which works on what is there but actually highlights how sparse they are)

Microblading is NOT an option.

So, I usually use a brow crayon, but I have seen Wunderbrow crop up on my it any good?

Anyone tried? Love it or Give it a Miss?
TIA (I have Boots Points so I'll splurge)

Glossolalia Thu 13-Apr-17 22:58:23

I haven't used it, but have heard very good things about it.

whatdoyouwant Thu 13-Apr-17 23:05:03

I have it and it's ok, takes too long to apply for my liking, brilliant for on holiday though as it doesn't budge. I prefer a L'Oréal pencil day to day, much quicker and easier.

BounceBounceSplishSplash Thu 13-Apr-17 23:27:48

I have it and have only used it twice as I think it's awful. Doesn't give me natural looking eyebrows and is a faff to apply. Much prefer Benefit brow pencil.

Mummamayhem Thu 13-Apr-17 23:28:59

Also rate l'oreal pencil!

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