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Had fillers today ..

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ginorwine Thu 13-Apr-17 21:47:10

Feeling swollen - in particular one bit to left of my mouth .. and brusing is commung . Also headache and feel bit wobbly and sick .
Anyone got any tips 4
Re recovery and how to hide bruises . Hooe it's worth it .. ? Feel like crying and was so look forward to it .
How long till results seen ?
Bit concerned about the swollen bit bear mouth - feels like a llimp - what is normal what not ?

oliviaoatcake Fri 14-Apr-17 00:15:12

OK. I take it youve just had your lips done yes? Outer edge only or bow and bottom too?

The general rule is that with regular icing (frozen peas in tea towel), you should look presentable in 4 days. The worst day is day 2. Use arnica montana cream and tablets. Gently massage any lumps to disperse the product evenly.

To be 'presentable' during recovery, try using concealer on your lips and a creamy natural lipstick but only after 48 hours.

Its a shock but I bet youll love the results. How many ml /syringes did you have

augustusglupe Fri 14-Apr-17 00:24:26

Just seen this and wanted to say, don't worry!! I've had fillers lots of times. Your face will be at its most puffy now, but it will go down. The times I used to panic, but after a few days all was fine. I think you'll still be pleased OP, just give it time.
Little lumps occasionally pop up and these usually go down within a week.

ginorwine Fri 14-Apr-17 09:24:06

Thanks both so much
I think it was the psychological shock too !
I've had a sort of fluid face lift which has smoothed out hollow flat cheeks , returned upper lip shape , brow lift to one side and returned shade to the chin which was also flattened . My check bones do not look chipmunk like at all which was a frear .
My top lip is swollen ( is not planned to have anything there but put trust in doctor to act to my Brief which was a fresher more open face with my hollies dealt with - I look younger for sure but the main effect is less long on face and gaunt .
The issues I'm worried about is there is a clear nasol line - like a swollen line from nose to mouth on one side and a distinct hard lump to lower side of mouth
Shall I rub them in case product going lumpy ?
I've taken arnica 30 and applied cold compress last night and slept with arnica cream on my face abdso far no apparent bruise - wd I have them by now if going to get ?
Thanks so much for support - no one I know has filllers .

ginorwine Fri 14-Apr-17 09:25:49

Re lips jyst bow and outer as my upper lip had apparently thinned and caved in a bit . Looking. At old photos he was completely correct about that .

ginorwine Fri 14-Apr-17 09:28:04

Ps not sure how much product but the whole thing tool one and half hours
Lots of small injections to side of face. Lower face cheek area Brie side and above and the lip area .

oliviaoatcake Fri 14-Apr-17 12:49:49

Ah, so youve had quite extensive work then. It'll take several days to look normal in that case - he should have warned you about down time. Sleep propped up and dont exert yourself and you should be fine.

ginorwine Fri 14-Apr-17 15:29:42

Thanks do feel v tired .
I can't see much difference and am wondering if worth it - thought fillers immediate difference .. my nose to mouth lines have gone - a bit - as has my hollowness but it's v subtle and I still have a sag to either side my mouth .. wonder if anything will change ?
A bruise has come above lips andto side - does anyone know if that will be it re bruising now or cd more come ( new ones I mean )

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