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nonameinspiration Thu 13-Apr-17 11:38:49

If you used it or that other similar one what are you using now?

Hilliam Thu 13-Apr-17 15:54:16

Panoxyl is just as good.

Ollivander84 Thu 13-Apr-17 16:11:03

Acnecide (I got it from an online chemist but boots sell it)

nonameinspiration Thu 13-Apr-17 18:21:14

Panoxyl I can't get either?

FATEdestiny Thu 13-Apr-17 18:24:06

Acnecide is the replacement available in most chemists. But it's a much lower concebtratin of benzoyl peroxide and has no salicylic acid.

Oh, and it's about 3 times more expensive.

I bought one, realised it's rubbish and have stopped using.

nonameinspiration Thu 13-Apr-17 18:26:01

I w got it - it's rubbish - what else can I try?

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