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Over 40, getting married, help me find a dress??

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explodingkittens Thu 13-Apr-17 09:32:03

Right. DP and I have decided to go for it grin, but that means I need a Proper Frock.

I've not bought anything 'pretty' since my last wedding day for years; I do clean lines and androgynous usually. But I do fancy something a bit more dressy, I think. I have absolutely no idea where to start, though.

Am 5'7", currently size 12 but will be attempting to shed a few more pounds. Nice bits of me are décolletage/shoulders, calves and ankles. Bit of a tum still but not too bad.

Ideally would prefer some sort of sleeve, I think, but doesn't have to be long. NO STRAPLESS.

Ideally long or midi, don't think I want that 50s 'swing' look, but could be persuaded for something lovely.

I do like a bit of lace and/or beading but not OTT. I don't think I'd quite get away with some plain and slinky column of silk, put it that way.

And not white, or ivory. Not pink or peachy. I like greys, dark blues, dark greens. DP will be wearing a kilt with dark green, red and dark blue in it so something that goes with that would be amazing.

Basically I want to look sophisticated and beautiful - so I need tons of help!

explodingkittens Thu 13-Apr-17 09:33:07

Oh and budget, definitely less than £500, ideally A LOT less.

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