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Am I being precious? Not wanting 'blind' haircuts anymore (ie no mirror)

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alltoomuchrightnow Wed 12-Apr-17 13:41:24

Firstly , let me say I'm not overly fussy about my hair!
It drives me to distraction as it's so fine and limp, I can't really style it and do much so it just tends to hang there , quite long (it is always clean though..I have to be scrupulous as it gets greasy so quickly) I can go months without it being cut as I just find it so stressful

When I lived in London I always went to a salon but since moving back nearly four years ago I haven't once. I have been to hairdressers who work in salons but also do their own from home - so I've only been to their homes (one an acquaintance, one a friend of a friend and the last one was friend's daughter). Not because I was totally avoiding salons and two of them charge the full salon price anyway..but because it was more convenient for me (flexible with times)
With all three of them, hair was cut in their kitchen , no mirror, therefore I could not see what they were doing. With one cut, it turned out to be horrendous.. ie very top heavy, I already have a big head so had a lollipop look for months, wide on top and my usual straggly bits below. It took months to grow out and I hated it but didn't say, after all, she couldn't have stuck the hair back on.
But perhaps I could have had more say and input if I'd seen what was being done..then again, when your hair is wet, it's hard to tell..
do I bite the bullet and go back to salons which just make me nervous

It's now been December since I had my hair cut, it's long and straggly and the ends are so I know they need to come off, end of.. should it really matter that I'm looking in a mirror or not when they do it?

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Wed 12-Apr-17 14:18:57

I dont think it should matter really but I'd find it reassuring to have a mirror. It does sound like you havent used a great hairdresser to be honest.

I think you'd be safer using a salon as at least you have an inkling of their level of skill and if it's not a 'homer' if you're not happy you have a better foot to stand on re: a complaint.

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