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Christening outfit guest/godmother help!

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MrsHandles Mon 10-Apr-17 18:47:01

Right MNers, a challenge for you!

I'm invited to two christenings, one weekend after the other and I have NO IDEA what to wear! The first is my cousin's daughter where I am a guest, the second is my friend where I am godmother. I'd like one outfit for both as we're trying to save money at the moment due to moving etc.

So, the stats:

I'm 30, 5' 5" and wear size 8/10
Blonde hair, pale skin
More comfortable in trousers but will wear a dress if necessary.

I was thinking patterned trousers and plain black top. Are patterned trousers still a thing? And black block heel wide-strap shoes. Thoughts? Suggestion?

Guide please, oh MN fashion gurus!

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