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Accessorising with belts

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SesameSparkle Mon 10-Apr-17 17:05:36

I’ve never really got the hang of belts, but I think it’s now time to have more belts in my life.

I recently lost weight and I’ve been trying to develop my style and experiment with different looks. I think belts feel like a bit of a missing link.

Right now I own: a thick brown leather jeans belt I don’t really like that much ; a thin tan leather belt, I’ve been mainly using to belt in the waist of a summer dress that’s slightly too big for me; a thin grey belt I’ve been using in a similar way; a medium thickness tan one with a knot; a new medium black one, elastic at the back and a leather bow at the front (I think looked quite nice at the top of a pencil skirt); oh and I also own a thin gold one, which I may konmari it as it came in a pair with the grey one and I’m not sure what to do with it.

In my wardrobe currently I have 2 new pairs of 7/8 trousers that need belts. One is khaki, so I think the tan one is ok, but the others are navy and both the tan and grey belts don’t work. I also have a navy baukjen dress that would look better with a belt, as would some of my work wardrobe skirt/top combinations. I also need a nicer jeans belt.

How do you wear belts? How do you choose them and where do you buy them? Are there certain kinds of belt staples that you have in your wardrobe? Do you have the belt equivalent of a capsule collection?

SesameSparkle Mon 10-Apr-17 18:54:07

A wee bump to catch any belt lovers out there....? smile

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