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Me & Em query

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MrsMarigold Mon 10-Apr-17 10:35:22

I want to order something but I'm sure I read on here that it had gone into administration. I just want to check, has anybody ordered something from Me & Em in the past few days. Did it arrive?

Floisme Mon 10-Apr-17 10:38:55

There was a crowd-funding thing which led to a bit of speculation on here that they might be in difficulties. But I'm pretty sure they're still around.

Jaeger have gone into administration recently.

FrustratedFrugal Mon 10-Apr-17 11:17:56

They raised a lot of money in the crowdfunding thing.

Floisme Mon 10-Apr-17 11:20:14

That's good to hear. I wish them well (although I wish they'd go back to doing those ruched skirts!).

MrsMarigold Mon 10-Apr-17 12:57:53

Good to know, thank you.

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