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Microblading -Experiences and Opinions Please

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BubbyBum Sun 09-Apr-17 19:58:15

My natural brows are fairly light compared to my hair colour, so I dye them myself, and use Benefit Gimme Brow to fill them in. They're fairly straight with no arch to them really. I get them threaded to get some kind of shape to them.

Would microblading give me the darker, fuller brows that I want? I want the effect to be as natural as possible, I really don't want them to look like I've drawn them on with a Mr. Sharpie. Or, is sticking to my current brow beauty regime better?

The effect I ultimately want is natural, slightly darker brows that require a minimum amount of effort to look nice, even without having full make up.

I have found an experienced person locally whose work I've seen and like. I guess I'm looking for your experiences and opinions, positive and negative as I've never done any semi-permanent make up before.

Thanks! Sorry this is so long!

JustCallMeKate Sun 09-Apr-17 20:16:32

I've had my eyebrows done, but I'm unsure if micro pigmentation is just another word for microblading? I had the micro pigmentation. The lady I went to offered a powdered look, combination look, ombré look etc. I went for the powdered. Remember your brows are darker than normal for around 3 weeks until they heal then it dies down to the colour you chose. I was worried about the sharpie look too but mine are nothing like that, I just have natural looking brows.

chickenwings00 Sun 09-Apr-17 20:19:54

I've had my eyebrows microbladed recently and could not be happier with them. They were really patchy due to trichotillomania and I was always self conscious of them, couldn't leave the house without filling them in etc. I didn't find the procedure to be that painful at all and my therapist was brilliant, I'd definitely recommend.

PaulDacresFeministConscience Sun 09-Apr-17 21:08:59

Watching with interest. I am v. lucky to have dark brows naturally but as I am getting older they are becoming patchy. I'm weighing up microblading to save having to powder in the gaps, but like you I want a natural look - I am not a fan of the current 'block' dark brow look!

dailystuck71 Sun 09-Apr-17 22:26:36

I had mine done 3 weeks ago. Happy with shape but definitely needing touched up. Going back in a week again. Worth it but keeping water off your face for 2 weeks is really hard!

BubbyBum Sun 09-Apr-17 22:35:35

Thanks for the replies. I'm glad to hear of the positive experiences here.

I had forgotten about keeping water off my face for two weeks, though. Tricky, but manageable I guess? The things we do for beauty!

civilfawlty Sun 09-Apr-17 23:18:29

Interested too. Have alopecia. Would anyone recommend a specific therapist?

Softkitty2 Mon 10-Apr-17 07:03:19

Nez_hasan is VERY good.. Based in london. Pixiwoo had her eyebrows done with her... Also check her ig

Lonelynessie Mon 10-Apr-17 09:23:09

I've just had my eyebrows done with Nez, and I love them. Seriously the best things I've done for my face. The hair strokes are very tiny so they look natural and the colour is just right. The first day or two they were very dark and I was worried, but they have faded quite a bit now and look great. I can see where I'll need a little touch-up but the shape is perfect.

talksensetome Mon 10-Apr-17 12:00:55

I have just had mine done as my terrible overplucking left me with two very different brows. I love mine! Would definitely recommend. I am waiting for my touch-up appointment but I am really pleased. I can just get up and go without touching my brows.

user1498645860 Wed 28-Jun-17 11:49:39

I had my eyebrows microbladed 3 weeks ago (she used the machine in the end as she said it would give me the hair stroke look I wanted) and they're awful, I'm so distraught. I researched the lady who I went with, looked at her work online, reviews on FB etc. which was all great but they have gone seriously wrong.
I took a photo in of how I wanted mine to look (hair strokes), she drew them on and I said they were too harsh and dark and she reassured me they were drawn on with black eye brow pencil and they wouldn't be that dark or blocky. Sadly when I sat up they were black and a block of colour and different shapes. She said I had swelling on one side which is why the left one looked bigger and longer and they would fade but they haven't. I went to see her after 3 weeks and she agreed they need removing!!!
There are no visible hair strokes and she said they have blurred but I honestly don't think she drew hairs on as they were black and blocky from when I sat up.
I've now got to consider going through painful, scabby removal which has to be spread out over 4 week periods so my face is going to look a mess for months to come, I'm so stressed and unhappy and cannot believe this has happened to me. Please, please be careful when choosing a technician as mine is supposed to be a trainer as well and has been doing it for at least 3 years. I'm now sure she removes any negative feedback from FB and leaves only the happy client comments.
Has anyone gone through the saline removal route, how successful is it?

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