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So, the warmer weather will drag me out of my jeans/jeggings/leggings and into......what?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 08-Apr-17 23:47:16

Today , I wore leggings, lonish TShirt, light long cardi, Converse.

I was very overdressed (as in too many clothes, not too overdone)

I've bought:
M&S light weight jersey trousers, pull on (I might go for chinos too)
A collared polo dress
A soft denim skirt but not with the jeans style zip/stud (I had one years ago and the material was stiff and buckled very unattractively )

The skirt and dress are on order, not got them yet.

After the dungaress thread, I fancy a dungarees dress......................

I wear a Uniform for work so I don't need to worry there.

What about shorts or skorts?
Not Bermuda or denim cut off though.

I saw a gorgeous pair of shorts in Sainsburys (TieDye pattern , purple as the main colour) not sure what I'd wear with them.

What is out there for my top half.
Bear in mind I'm 50, menopausal flushes , middle is definately in need of covering up.

<<Hides debit card>>

LindyHemming Sun 09-Apr-17 08:16:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JDSTER Sun 09-Apr-17 11:19:42

Boden do good quality shorts in three different lengths and various colours. They are cut slim in the leg. I'm not a huge shorts fan generally but pleased with these.

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