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Sunglasses for small face?

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1t6y9o Sat 08-Apr-17 15:40:28

I've googled this and Ray-ban wayfarer junior get mentioned a lot but I tried these and they're far too small.

So any other suggestions for sunglasses that will fit a smaller than average face?

Thank you!

imjessie Sat 08-Apr-17 16:05:54

I have the small rayban aviators . They come in two sizes which I didn't realise . Love them as I have problems getting them to fit !

EnidButton Sat 08-Apr-17 17:02:32

I usually just think fuck it and get some big ones. So they look intentionally too big iyswim.

I like to think I'm looking like Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn rather than a fly.

1t6y9o Sat 08-Apr-17 18:01:29

I know what you mean Enid but I can't bear it when they slide off my face. When I try on my little girls they fit amazing but look to small visually. I just need some with a narrow fit but made for ladies not kids...

EnidButton Sat 08-Apr-17 20:33:56

Oh I see. I thought you meant the size of the lense bit.

I know you said no kids ones but Boots had some that were actually really nice but for kids. Tortoiseshell ones, nothing obviously childlike.

EnidButton Sat 08-Apr-17 20:34:52

Posted too soon... I tried some on and they didn't look too obviously small.

OCSockOrphanage Sat 08-Apr-17 21:17:25

In Europe, CeBe's do functional lightweight, decent optical shades in age-related sizes, or they used to. I had a children's pair that I loved for a while, until I sat on them. If there's a style that suits you, it's a decent cheap option while you shop for favourites that fit.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sat 08-Apr-17 21:18:58

I think either Nike or rayban do a petite range

Littlemissindifferent Sun 09-Apr-17 00:25:01

You need Raybans in size 52mm, the standard is 55mm. Have a look on their website, Aviators or Wayfarers. Tiffany also do a few narrow pairs at Sunglass Hut but are more expensive.

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